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Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday, and here's to the Weekend!

IT'S FRIDAY FUN! and the Not Your Usual Suspects authors share some jokes and cheeky fun with you all through the Holiday season :)

Feel free to share YOUR jokes in the comments - maybe we'll include some of them in later blog posts!

And don't forget our great giveaway GIFT in December, details below ...

What do you call Frosty the Snowman's lesser known brother, the baker?
Frosty the Doughman.

What is Kris Kringle's favorite part of the sentence?
The clause.

Which Christmas carol is about an old suit of armor?
Oh, Holey Knight.

What's a female sheep's favorite time of the year?
Ewe Near's Eve.

If Frosty the Snowman married a vampire what would they name their child?

What is the army's favorite Christmas plant?
Missle toe.

What do you call a reindeer wearing ear muffs?
Anything you want. He can't hear you!

And to finish, here's a UK advert for the winter season for Boots the chemist (drugstore, to my US cousins) which never ceases to make me laugh. In fact, it was from last year, and they've resurrected it this year, so it must have struck a nerve with more people than just me LOL.

Here's the link if you can't pick it up from the blog post: 

Update on the BOOK GIVEAWAY:
Follow this on each post during Dec as the books mount up. Comment on any post to to be entered in the draw. Final prize giveaway on Jan 2!

First book under the tree: my Carina title "Blinded by Our Eyes"


Julie Moffett said...

Ha, ha, ha!! Way to start my Friday with a smile!! :)

Marcelle Dubé said...

I'd love to read more jokes and funnies from readers out there!

Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

Sounds like a great book to start the weekend with. I love a good mystery.

Toni Anderson said...

Love the Boots ad. Love it!! I miss Boots :)

flchen1 said...

ROFL!! Those were the perfect Friday giggle! Thanks so much!

Here are a couple silly ones:

Where do Santa's reindeers like to stop for lunch?
Deery Queen

What do you call a bunch of grandmasters of chess bragging about their games in a hotel lobby?
Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer

Happy Friday!

Shirley Wells said...

I love that Boots ad. That's exactly how it is in this house. :)

Rita said...

Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!!!!!!

Dee J. said...

Okay... y'all made me laugh. Nicely done. Too bad I'm the worst at remember jokes.

Dee J. said...

Or remembering jokes. Jeez. Clearly I can't speak or type English either. D'OH.

MaureenAMiller said...

You guys are a riot! I'm writing these down and taking them to the family Christmas!

Sarah said...

I love the boots ad it always makes me laugh

Loved the jokes brightened my Friday :-D

Sarah S

Elise Warner said...

Whenever we went to London, I bought cosmetics at the Boots near Covent Garden. Brings back memories.

Jane said...

I've never actually heard any of these jokes before.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the humor gave me a nice checkle...

Michelle B. aka koshkalady


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