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Monday, December 26, 2011

Decorations and Divas ...

IT'S MISTLETOE MONDAY -  The Not Your Usual Suspects authors share their personal Holiday season decorations and delights with you.

Tell us about your favourite decorations and traditions at this time of year - we'd love to hear them!

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We love to decorate! Here are some of the beautiful displays on view by our authors:

Toni says: These balls hung for years in my mom and dad's house--the house I grew up in. Then my parents decide to move, doing some serious downsizing . When I was there two summers ago I had admired the balls, but there was no way I could get them in my luggage. Imagine my surprise and joy when this massive cardboard box arrived just before Christmas last year, full of peanuts and bubblewrap and these three antique glass baubles. There are the size of ostrich eggs and I LOVE them :)

Toni Anderson
Atmospheric Tales of Love & Murder

Clare says: A dear friend in the US whom I haven't seen now for 5 years sent me a precious tree ornament that says it all: DIVA. It makes the family laugh - always the first to make sure I don't grow too big-headed! - though I know she meant it in the best possible way, and it is connected to the ID I used in my fanfiction days.

The other precious sight is of me and my sister as children ------>

One or other of us always seemed to be ill at Christmas! and wrapped up on the sofa (it's ME in this pic). What's special is that this picture was taken my Grandmother's front room - and that's now MY front room as well, because we bought the house off her when she went into a home and subsequently passed away. It gives me a wonderful sense of family continuity, and I'm glad to say my Sons are just as fond of the house as we all are - though they seem to be in better health at Christmas when there's chocolate to eat and Xbox games to play LOL.

Clare London
Writing … Man to Man


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Blinded by Our Eyes by Clare London
Dead Silent - Shirley Wells
Sea of Suspicion by Toni Anderson
Under Fire by Rita Henuber
The Shoeless Kid - Marcelle Dube
No One to Trust - Julie Moffett
Icescapade - Josh Lanyon
Choice of backlist - Shelley Munro
Desperate Choices - Kathy Ivan
Protective Custody by Wynter Daniels
Her Dark Knight - Sharon Cullen


Marcelle Dubé said...

Thanks for sharing your stories, ladies. I love the photo of you and your sister, Clare, and Toni, I love those glass "baubles."

qbee2 said...

@Toni - your Christmas baubles are absolutely gorgeous!
@Clare - How wonderful that you could purchase your Gran's home! And I, too, seemed to always be sick at Christmas!

In the recent past (since the kids have grown up) a new tradition has started for Christmas (and my birthday, which is just 5 days before): at least one gift consists of new, unusual tree decorations. I have an angel straddling the Eiffel Tower (from when the giver was working in Paris for a semester), a beautifully-crafted glass garlic bulb (the giver is a lover of baked garlic), and this years - a small, stained glass type bee (notice my screen name). But my most favourite (I have a 'thing' about mushrooms), a half dozen tiny glass "Fliegenpilz" - a red-capped mushroom with white dots - that my niece brought from Germany! They are delicate and colourful and sparkly just like the holiday!

Elise Warner said...

The baubles are lovely, Toni. Clare, I hope you and your sister are well this Christmas.

Toni Anderson said...

I love my baubles :) terrified I'm going to break them!
Clare, that is wonderful you live in your gran's house. Love that :)
gbee2--I love new traditions. We try and buy ornaments when we visit new places. We also have an Eiffel Tower (no angel in sight). PS. You share a birthday with my husband. Happy Birthday!

Stevie Carroll said...

Lovely baubles!

Mum and I both have Father Christmas Toby Jugs. Hers was in the family from new and gets used every year for the Christmas Pudding's white sauce. Mine is second or thirdhand, and a little too battered to use, but I love it anyway.

Unknown said...

I loved the glass balls the best on your post--they are truly beautiful! My favorite decoration of my own is to decorate a handmade wreath for the holidays with bulbs and berries and a bow!

books4me said...

I believe that traditions are so important and holidays are a time when I remember what we did as children. I have many decorations from my childhood for Christmas and it means so much!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

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