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Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to Guest Author: Adrienne Giordano

My Jersey Shore by Adrienne Giordano

I'd like to believe we all have places we love. One of those places for me is the Jersey shore. Sure, we've all seen the ugly parts of New Jersey on television, but I'd ask everyone who has never visited to reserve judgment until they've driven south and dipped their toes into Jersey sand. 

You may have figured out I'm a Jersey girl who was lucky enough to grow up minutes from the beach. As an adult, my love of the Jersey shore hasn't diminished. There is something about the moist, salty air that relaxes me in a way no other place can. When I return for a visit every summer, I sneak away to my favorite spot and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

A couple of summers back, while sitting in said spot, I decided Isabelle, the heroine in my work in progress, would live on the Jersey shore. Isabelle, an emotionally damaged character who has worked hard to carve out a life for herself, needed to live in a place that brought peace to her tortured mind. I envisioned a beachfront cottage that once belonged to her grandmother, a woman who gave unconditional love. The cottage would be Isabelle's haven and would include afghans made by her beloved grandmother. On bad days, Isabelle would curl up with her granny's handmade creations and remember the love they shared.

In short, the cottage and the beach outside would give Isabelle a safe place to land when her emotional problems created havoc.

Of course, I take that safety away from her in the book. Sorry, I couldn't resist. As a writer, I think it's my job to do mean things to a character and force her to battle back.  Call me twisted, but that's the fun part for me. Plus, Isabelle is a strong character and not afraid of a fight.  I had a feeling she'd make it through. :)

Last week, while visiting my family, I went back to Atlantic Avenue beach for the first time since Carina Press acquired A Just Deception. I sat on that beach alone, watching the runners do their thing and the surfers ride the early morning waves. So enamored with the beauty of the morning, I pulled my camera and snapped a few shots (see photo) of the view from where Isabelle's fictional deck would be. I imagined she would be sitting on that little deck seeing the very same things I was and, in that moment, I knew she'd be happy.

Readers, what have some of your favorite book settings been? Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of A Just Deception.

Adrienne's Bio:

Adrienne Giordano writes romantic suspense and women's fiction.  She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her work-a-holic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist (Terrier). She is a co-founder of Romance University blog. A Just Deception, book two in the Private Protectors series is available from Carina Press. Risking Trust, book three in the series will be available on November 7, 2011. For more information please visit  Adrienne can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Adrienne's books available at:


MaureenAMiller said...

Ahhh, you take me back. We lived 'inland' Jersey, but we used to make the weekend trek to the shore, with a mandatory stop at Stewarts for root beer and hot dogs.

What a wonderful setting for a book. I know I'm surely going to enjoy A Just Deception!

Adrienne Giordano said...

Hi Maureen. I loved having the Jersey shore as a setting for a book. It was so much fun to revisit all the things I love about the beach.

I myself am partial to Windmill hot dogs when I go back.:)

Betsy Horvath said...

There's nothing like the Jersey shore, Adrienne! I remember being a kid and making the drive to Wildwood and Ocean City during the summer. And salt water taffy! Yum. Love it. I love books set at the beach, and I love book set in New England - especially the rocky shores. It makes me want to move there - until I remember that Nor'easters are rarely that romantic. LOL Congratulations!

Toni Anderson said...

I've never been to Jersey :) Will have to visit through Adrienne's books :)
Didn't they have terrorists in Jersey during WWII? Why is that stuck in my brain? (Small brain ;))

Toni Anderson said...

PS. Betsy--I also love books set at the beach :D

Elise Warner said...

As a deprived city girl, I associate NJ with the sweetest tomatoes in the world. I would love to relax and let the world go by at the Jersey Shore. Sounds like a place to renew your body and soul.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Congratulations on the release of A Just Deception, Adrienne! You make the Jersey Shore sound so romantic. I've never been--I live about as far away from Jersey as is possible and still remain on the same continent.

I have a favourite book setting--in an as-yet unpublished SF novel of mine. It's the shore of Lake Bennett, in Carcross, in the Yukon. The most amazing beach in the world, with the lake surrounded by incredible mountains. Just gorgeous.

Marcelle Dubé said...

P.S. @Betsy Horvath: Congratulations on the release of Hold Me!

Jane said...

Happy Release Day, Adrienne. I'm quite partial to books set in my hometown of NYC, San Francisco, Vegas and New Orleans. I've never been to the Jersey Shore, but my friend who is from Philly used to go there every summer.

Adrienne Giordano said...

Hi Betsy. Thanks for popping by. Nor'easters are no fun! I remember one where the power went out and I had no heat. I had to try and get to my Mom's, but it was high tide and all the roads were flooded. I had to wait until the tide went out and get over there quick!

I still miss living by the ocean though. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Adrienne Giordano said...

Okay, Toni has me stumped on that terrorist question! I will have to do some research. Of course, my older brother could have been considered a terrorist for how rotten he was to me when I was a kid. LOL. He's nice to me now, but I never fail to remind his children how he teased me.

Adrienne Giordano said...

Hi Elise. Thanks for popping by. The New Jersey beaches are gorgeous. You can smell the salt-air from blocks away. The minute I make that turn onto Atlantic Avenue I put the window down and it immediately relaxes me.

I've gotten lucky because my little guy has turned into a beach bum so we can enjoy it together.

Adrienne Giordano said...

Marcelle, that setting sounds fabulous. I'd love to see a photo of that. Makes me want to bust out my beach chair and curl up with my Kindle!

Thanks for popping in.

Adrienne Giordano said...

Hi Jane. A lot of people from Philly vacation at the Jersey shore. It's just a quick hop over so it's easy to get to from Philly.

I love books set in Vegas. I'm a Vegas fan anyway and there's always so much happening there it's a great setting for a book.

Thanks for saying hi.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Adrienne, just for you:

Adrienne Giordano said...

Oh, my gosh, Marcelle, that photo is fantastic. I'm printing it and putting it on my board. Just beautiful!

Becke Davis said...

Hi Adrienne - Congrats on your new release! I downloaded my copy today. I loved MAN LAW, and I'm excited to read this one, too!

Becke Davis said...

Forgot to mention the Jersey Shore. I lived in New Jersey for two years, but on the opposite side of the state. We did go to Sandy Hook a few times - very nice there!

wilkravitz said...

I am sitting in my kitchen in margate (3am sep. 6) as I read this. one of the characters in my blog (we only pretend that it's fiction) is BAYLAH, a Beyonce look-a-like who just happens to be a well meaning vampire. you meet all kinds of people at the shore...a charming, magical locale.

Adrienne Giordano said...

Hi Becke! I grew up 20 minutes from Sandy Hook. It's beautiful there, but it gets crazy busy on the weekends.

I hope you enjoy Monk's story!

WilKravtiz, I love the idea of a beach dwelling vampire. That would be something!

Shawna Thomas said...

I have never been on an East Coast beach, but I'd like to. (California girl) It would be interesting to see the sun come up, from where I'm always used to seeing it set.

I love books that are placed somewhere the author has been. They have those little authentic details that brings the book alive.

Congratulations and good luck!

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