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Friday, September 16, 2011


Do you ever wonder what the heck is going on out THERE? Like, what are THEY thinking? While some of this stuff is fodder for our stories others are simply too much of a head smacker to ever write about. Like the couple on the beach in the middle of a summer Sunday afternoon in full view of everyone, copulating. Or, maybe it only irritates me???!!!
Here are some of the things that drive me to drink. Not really, I don’t need an excuse.
I’ll start with TV.
To begin with, I don’t watch a lot of TV because I HATE the way commercials are presented. Do these ad execs think we are all dumb as a box of rocks?
Saw a commercial for a drug-and since when does anyone take a med biased on a TV commercial? - any who-the narrator, in a serious voice, lists all the side effects you can have taking the drug if you are BREATHING.
I’ve never watched the show Toddlers and Tiaras, just seen the promos. Those alone are enough for me to ask why hasn’t Child Protective Services been called? And what about those animal hoarders? This I do watch. Looking for a clue that says this show isn’t for real, it’s a put on like those other reality shows. But no, it seems to be real. The physiologists go in all nice and help the hoarder understand why keeping 500 dogs or cats dogs in a house isn’t right. Head smack! What about the poor animals? I say go in there, push the hoarder out of the way and take the critters, no nice talk. And have someone check on them every day forever to make sure they never do it again. Geeze!
Why does an author think because I visited her web site ONCE I want her to email me her wacky weekly updates and newsletter to which they is no way to unsubscribe? And yes I have reported her as spam.
And businesses. I check a price on line and suddenly I get sales email from them DAILY. No matter how many times I unsubscribe I keep getting them. I was successful with one. But, they started sending me crap in the mail because they noticed I’d unsubscribed from email. Major head smack.
Does LT GEN So-In-So really get people to give out their bank accounts so he can send them money from Afghanistan?
And what’s up with emails selling dangly parts enhancers?
For my Canadian sisters. Why do people in Canada want to sell me their medication?
Why does Windows IE think it’s necessary to tell me it blocked a pop up with a pop up?
Why does someone think I’ll watch a 30 second ad to see a 20 second video on the net
If the caller ID is blocked I’m not going to answer no matter how many times you call. So STOP!
And people talking on the phone while driving. Holy Snockerdoodeles!!! I think the driving public should have paint ball guns with a different color for each day of the week. When we see someone on their phone and driving wonky we smack ‘em with one. An officer sees splats of three different colors or three of any one color, the driver goes to jail directly to jail with no get out of jail free card.
My final peeves are the people who tell you they don’t read THOSE kinds of books. Referring to romance of course. Truth be told I love giving them a good up and down look and saying with a big smile and knowing nod. “Oh honey, I can tell.” And the ones who say one day they’re going to write a book. They have NO idea. Smack THEIR head!
Whew! I feel better. I’m grinning and doing the happy chicken dance around my office. What about you? Wanna tell me what gets you to shake your head and mumble or want to reach out and touch someone?


Teresa K. said...


I think you covered it all. Oh I do love a sister who thinks like me. Have a great weekend!

Teresa K.

Rita said...

Thanks Teresa. You have a great weekend also. I plan on cruising around with my paintball gun.

Leah Braemel said...

Oh Rita, we must have been twins separated at birth. If not, you're my soul sister! How often I've gone on rants like this. Seriously!

Toni Anderson said...

Rita--oh, my. One thing driving me mad at the moment is dog owners who scoop the poop and then leave it on the side of the path/road in a plastic bag. WTF is wrong with you people? And the people who start hate campaigns against people online, people they don't even know because it amuses them. Please lock them up, or make them pick up dog poop litter for 90 days. I loath spammers, but those people who phone offering to fix my computer from all the viruses it has so they can steal all my online information? OMG, you should have heard my hubby threaten them last time they called because they were upsetting his wife. I wanted to...oops, better not say. TMI ;)

Rita said...

Leah, I always thought I had a twin.

Rita said...

Toni, I also have a neighbor who leaves the poop bag. sometimes they throw it in yards and bushes. WTF is right!

Shirley Wells said...

Rita, I think you got the lot there. :)

There seems to be a thing going on around here with dog owners who scoop the poop and then leave it lying there in its bag. WTF?

Love your response to people who don't read THOSE books. You tell 'em, girl. :)

Rita said...

Geeze! Who knew leaving the poop bag was so widespread? One community required residents to supply poop for DNA testing so when poop was found they could track the dog and offending owner. Seriously. I can see it now the Federal Poop Law.

MaureenAMiller said...

Quote: "My final peeves are the people who tell you they don’t read THOSE kinds of books. Referring to romance of course. Truth be told I love giving them a good up and down look and saying with a big smile and knowing nod. “Oh honey, I can tell.”

You go, Rita!! hahaha you got me all riled now. I'm ready to go outside and shout to the leaf-blower guy, "Seriously? Do you think you're accomplishing something?"

Rita said...

OMG! You have a leaf blower guy too? the houses behind me and two doors over he goes for HOURS. other neighbors have talked to him and even called the cops. HA! I can only imagine the response to that call.

Ruby Johnson said...

I hate those e-mails from well-meaning "friends" who never send a personal message just send those FW:FW:FW:You'll Love this edicts. No, I don't.

Rita said...

Ruby, Yeah! Good one. If you say anything they get upset.

Julie Moffett said...

Oh, Rita! I just love you!! Fab post! Personally, I have a thing against chain letters. Just. Don't. Go. There!

Rita said...

Okay Julie. I. Will. Not. Go. There.

Jennifer Colgan said...

LOL! I love the pop-up comment - so true!

Rita said...

Jennifer can't tell how much time I've wasted trying to figure a way to stop the danged pop up. Grrrr!

Wynter Daniels said...

Wow - writing that post must have been cathartic;-) Don't get me started on drivers with cell phones - major pet peeve for me, too. Here's one of mine - parents who bring their darlings in public and let them cause chaos while the parent completely ignore them. Um - if they can't get your attention, mom and dad, they'll get everyone else's!

Wendy Soliman said...

What she said!

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