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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If I had a Safe House

If I had a safe house….

It would have only one key. And a lock on the inside of the door. There would be a window looking out on something big—an endless horizon of lake or a pasture without fences. At night I would be able to see the stars.

The window would have special glass: I could see out, but no one would be able to see in.

There would be a small kitchen, a bathroom with a tub that works, a soft bed.

There would be a desk, a good chair and an outlet for my computer.

No internet. No phone. (I will take my cell phone to call out—when I want to.)

One entire wall would be covered in books—all the books I’ve been meaning to read, or love to re-read, or that I think might inspire me. Maybe there’d be a stack of DVDs of all the movies and tv shows I’ve been wanting to watch too, for the stories. All the different ways of telling stories, at my fingertips.

I would spend 4 or 5 days at a time in my safety zone. Bring my food, like on a backpacking trip. I'd bring salad and potato chips, dark chocolate and black tea. A bag of nuts. One good bottle of wine.

I'd probably spend the whole first day sleeping. Set up my computer. Fiddle with my notes…after that, I would just sit in my chair until there was nothing to do but work. Nothing in my head but stories.

What would your safe house look like?


MaureenAMiller said...

I think my safe house would have to overlook the ocean. Volatile weather inspires me. Someday I will probably write my greatest piece and lose myself in a hurricane two seconds afterwards. :)

Marcelle Dubé said...

I'm with Maureen. A little cottage on top of a cliff, overlooking the ocean so I can have a front row seat for all the storms and weather events. There would also have to be really good coffee. :-)

Toni Anderson said...

My safe house would have music, lots of music. And, although I love the mountains, the ocean speaks to me. So it would be near the sea, possibly on an island off the coast of Scotland. I'd have instant access to research books and huge tables. An easel. Huge windows. Wildlife. And all those other things you mentioned, along with gin and tonic, and cozy slippers.

J Wachowski said...

Hey Maureen--I can see the weather as inspiration! It's dangerous. Makes for good conflict.

Marcelle, I love the smell of coffee. My husband drinks it & that smell in the morning is so comforting. I always miss it when he's not at home. But blegh. Can only drink it when mixed with chocolate & lots of milk. :) I woulder if could could get just the aroma for my Safe House? :)

Toni--my kids both work with music on! I don't know how they do it. My ears get as overstimulated trying to write & listen, as my eyes do in Costco--trying to look and choose. :)

J Wachowski said...

Having a vision of a Safe House is important for a writer. Especially someone who writes mysteries, I think. All that murder and mayhem.

We need to remember to visualize safe & secure as carefully as we visualize pain and suffering.

So just for today...think safe! Tomorrow you can go back to murder. :)

Jane said...

I agree with Toni. I wouldn't mind staying at a safe house on a small Scottish isle.

Shirley Wells said...

My safe house would be just like yours - but it would be by the sea and have more wine than yours. A lot more wine. Other than that, you've described the prefect place. :)

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