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Thursday, September 8, 2011

SHE CAN RUN by Melinda Leigh

The authors of Not Your Usual Suspects are posting blurbs and excerpts of our books throughout the week. At the end of the week, we're giving away a stack of ebooks (possibly a couple of print books, too) to one lucky commentator. The more times you comment, the more times you'll go into the 'hat'. We'll post the winner on the blog next Monday. See this post for details

I'm so excited to share an excerpt from my debut romantic suspense novel today. SHE CAN RUN releases November 28, 2011 and is available for pre-order. An advanced reader copy (print book) is included in the awesome giveaway bundle. For more details about me or my book, please visit

When a woman on the run takes refuge at a secluded mansion, she finds herself under the watchful eye of a former cop whose curiosity about her shadowy past is matched only by their undeniable passion.

Beth's hand trembled. Her knuckles hovered an inch from the recessed oak panel. The office door was closed, which meant Richard didn't want to be disturbed. She glanced at the box in her hand, delivered by messenger just moments before. It must be important. Would Richard be angry if she interrupted him? Or angrier if she didn't? Her stomach clenched. He'd be angry no matter what she did.

With a hitched breath, she rapped lightly. The latch hadn't caught properly and the door swung open. Beth froze, paralyzed by the scene before her.

Confusion shifted into comprehension, and fear turned her insides to ice water.

Could she slip out before he noticed her? She eased backward, but Richard sensed her presence. He turned and stared. Their gazes locked for a few seconds, his feral, hers panicked. The lion and the gazelle.

Then he grabbed the crystal letter opener on his desk and lunged.

Beth ran.

She couldn’t leave the house. Her children were upstairs. She needed a weapon. Her eyes locked on the kitchen doorway ten feet away.

His Italian loafers scraped the wood floor of the hall behind her as he fought for traction. The rubber soles of her sneakers fared better. She almost outran him. Almost.

At the threshold, he caught her in a flying tackle. She flung her hands out. Pain shot through her wrists and palms as she braced her fall before her face slammed into the tile.

After all this time wondering if he'd eventually kill her, there was now no more doubt. If she didn't get away, she was dead.


MaureenAMiller said...

Run Beth! Gosh Melinda, you're going to make us wait till November to read more? I'll be first in line!

Marcelle Dubé said...

Great excerpt, Melinda! Congratulations on your upcoming release -- I look forward to it!

Stevie Carroll said...

Now that's a scary moment for her.

Rita said...

Hey Melinda. Great excerpt and my golly your cover is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

This excerpt definitely brought the urgency home! Looking forward to it.

Melinda Leigh said...

Yes, my heroine is in deep trouble. Find out how she gets out of it November 28th!

Rita, I love my cover, too.

Thanks, everyone.

Jane said...

Congrats on your upcoming debut release, Melinda. Looking forward to reading "She Can Run" when it's released.

Tina said...


That was gripping! I was hanging on the edge of my seat. You are good at your craft...

Clare London said...

Gawd, my mouth's dry just from the excerpt :). Congratulations on the upcoming release, not long to wait now!

Melinda Leigh said...

Thanks, Jane, Tine & Clare. I can't believe the book actually releases on Monday. I feel like someone should pinch me.

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