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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Other Side of THAT.

Hi all!
I'm sure you're wondering what THAT (in the title) refers to...

I'm talking about the other side of the coin. The writing coin.
In coming up with today's blogs, (and I say blogs since it's my usual blog day at my own place), I wondered what I could talk about that might resonate with people. People who might be writers. As I said at my blog, I think most people have the dream to write either their life story or someone else's or maybe a story they've got spinning in their head, they just don't get around to writing it. But, I digress...

So, what is THIS side of the coin, you ask? It's about ideas. It's about having so many ideas that you can't write fast enough to accommodate your flying brain. Have you ever had one of those stories? You have your characters and you have their conflict and it's so very clear to you and your characters what has to happen that the book just writes itself? I've been fortunate enough to have that happen once in twelve books. I haven't yet sold that book, but I haven't tried. I'm debating exactly where it should go. But my point is that the story flowed from page one and I never had one spot where I had to stop and wonder what happened next. My characters drove that story and every page was fun to write.

Obviously, not all stories are going to be that easy. Or even a fraction of that easy. But they are fun when they happen. (If you're interested in reading the other side of the coin, check out my blog You Heard It Here.)

Have you ever had one of those? A story that told itself or a story so clear in your head that you sat down and pounded it out in record time? I'd love to hear about it. <G>


Christine London said...

It was just that kind of story that got me into this writing gig. It has not happened before or since and we are talking a couple dozen stories later.

Perhaps it is the memory of that amazing experience that keeps us going when we struggle to move forward? As Stephen King has said "Amateurs wait for their muse. The rest of us get up and go to work." said...

I wrote two novels, back to back -in five weeks, about 145k words. Neither story has sold; one hasn't even been rewritten. I wrote both of those in 2008 and they are both very close to my heart. One of these days, I shall get them out and polish them up and see what kind of reaction they get.

Fun post!

Anne Marie Becker said...

Oh, I wish! I haven't had a story that wrote itself, but I've had characters and scenes that jump out and say "here I am - write me!" I've even had series ideas that I just had a good feeling about - kind of that "it" factor, I guess. Haven't had that gut feeling in a while, which makes me wonder if I'm not giving myself enough daydreaming time. ;)

Robin Bielman said...

Hi Dee! I've had that happen once, too. With the story you got a sneak peek at when I "won" you. :)

Off to check out the other side of the coin now...

Happy Monday!

Robena Grant said...

Yep. It happened with two stories out of about eleven completed manuscripts. They are both, however, still in rough draft stage as there are HUGE plot holes. Ha ha. To tell the truth I'm not certain they are redeemable. But I sure had fun writing both of them.

Dee J. said...

Hi Christine,
Ha, I think Stephen King sure got that right! I guess we were both struck by lightning that one time. Seems like we need another one of those. LOL. Thanks for dropping in!

Hi Christine,
OMG!! That is amazing! I need to rub elbows with you. Haha. My first 2 books came out really fast, too. (Just not THAT fast!) Both books of my heart and both books that may never see the light of day. Who knows... maybe some day... if I can't come up with something new, I'll tackle them. Thanks for attending my double header!

Hi Anne Marie,
Daydreaming time is so important! I know that's how I get most of my ideas! And, yes, those characters are in our heads begging for page time! Crazy! We're alike there. Thanks for coming by!

Hi Robin,
I thought that story was great! I can't wait to read the whole thing! I'm so glad you won me! Thanks for making my double header!

Hi Robena,
Yeah, I had fun writing my first two, also, but I'm thinking they may be too plot holey. LOL. We should commiserate together! Thanks for attending my double header!

Lynne Marshall said...

Never, not once, in twenty-three books. I cannot imagine. I'm glad you've had that experience, though.

May you have many more!

Shirley Wells said...

Oh, I wish. Sadly, that's never happened to me. Maybe the next one? I hope so. :)

Great post by the way!

Samanthe Beck said...

My first story went like that. My racing mind crapped out 120,000 words practically overnight. It was glorious. Slightly less glorious? The rejection letters! For me, I have to be wary when the goods come too easily, 'cause it probably means they're not too good.

Dee J. said...

Hi Lynne,
Thanks. It might still happen for you! Besides, you've clearly not needed it to happen that way. Your books have been fabulous without it. Thanks for making my double header!

Hi Shirley,
Yes, maybe the next one! I'll keep my fingers crossed. It's never too late to happen. Glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping in!

Hi Samanthe,
I was the same way with my first book. It was probably even bigger than 120K. LOL. Never sold though. Lots of rejections. I call it my practice book. Um... I had 3 of those. LOL. Thanks for making my double header!!

Rita said...

One well it’s like 5 books in a continuing story that no one but me seemed to like. But I love it. Like Anne Marie, I have dozens of scenes that write themselves. I’ve also been well into a story and had a character whisper something that has changed the whole flipping plot. Like they couldn’t have told me that before?

Dee J. said...

Hi Rita,
LOL, you're funny. It's nice when scenes write themselves, right? Love that! Wish I had that more often. Haha. Thanks for dropping in!

Marcelle Dubé said...

Yep, I've had stories and scenes like that, written in a white heat. And later, when I went back over them, I couldn't tell the difference between what had flowed out and what I'd had to drag out. Hopefully the reader can't tell, either. :-)

Veronica Scott said...

Has happened to me twice and it was so GREAT...until the manuscript hit my critique partner and she showed me my plot holes and other issues LOL! (Thank goodness for her!) But then I fixed them, adding a lot of words in the process, and one has sold and the other is in submission, so we'll see. But wow, it was a great feeling, as you say. Most of the time I feel lucky if a scene or two gives me that rush, like Anne Marie was describing.

Shelley Munro said...

I am very jealous! That never happens to me. The ideas flow, but translating it to paper is very difficult.

Dee J. said...

Hi Marcelle,
LOL. I know what you mean. I must have hit one or two rough spots in this book that came so easily, but I really only remember typing like a fiend to keep up with the characters. I guarantee your readers won't know the difference between the easy parts and the rough ones. Thanks for coming by!

Hi Veronica,
TWICE! I'm jealous! Congrats on the sold and the submission both! Fingers crossed on the latter. I'm sure you'll have success with that one too. CPs are excellent for finding our holes, aren't they? LOL. I wouldn't be published without mine. Thanks for dropping in!

Hi Shelley,
You never know... it might still happen. In the meantime, you're still putting out great books and that's the idea so you're in great shape. Thanks for stopping by!

Cathy Perkins said...

My first stories were like that - the words just flowed! Then the more I learned, the more my internal editor got in the way.

This summer, Honor Code showed up like that. The story, the characters - it just flowed! Scenes showed up as if hand delivered by the muse. The joy of writing returned. :)

Each of us has our own process, but for me, that joy is an essential ingredient.

Dee J. said...

Hi Cathy,
There is HUGE joy when the words flow like that! So true! Glad Honor Code was one of those for you. I think even when we struggle sometimes and end up with something solid to show for it, it's just as awesome. (It's just more fun when we omit the struggle. LOL.) Thanks for stopping in!

Clare London said...

Ohhhh, that it'd happen more frequently! LOL Great post.

I can remember certain stories doing just that - flowing on to the page so fast I'm just scribbling down the bare bones so as not to lose the ideas :)

It hasn't happened for a while, and writing has started to feel more of a chore *sigh*. But I'm heartened to see some people find it returns!

Liz Flaherty said...

I had ONE like that. It's one of the disappointments in my life that I've never had another! I'm not one of those who has a gazillion ideas, either. Once in a while, if I hold my mouth right, I might have ONE. :-)

Loved the post.

Dee J. said...

Hi Clare,
Ha. I hear that. I wish it happened more often too. Sometimes I find myself scrambling to write just the dialogue so I don't miss anything, then the rest comes in a second draft to fill it out. With even less time on my hands, writing's become a bit of a chore for me too. I have zero time for family or me. Trying to find a balance. Oy. LOL. Thanks for coming by!

Hi Liz,
LOL. You're funny. Maybe if I hold my mouth just right I'll get another good idea too. Glad you liked the post! Yay! Thanks for stopping in!

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