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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Just Keep Moving...

So my office seems to be constantly evolving in an effort to keep me moving. The words never come any easier but at least I am trying to not lead a completely sedentary life. First, there's the dog. Our walks are the only things that makes me leave the house some days. It's less attractive at -40C, but a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. We just do it faster when it's cold.

Then I have a standing and a sitting desk so I can vary my position. I try and do yoga, but lately I've fallen off the wagon because of other factor. I really miss it and recommend it for everyone. I've invested in dictation software and hope to use the dictation and transcribe functions just as soon as my plot starts behaving. 
Last, but not least, I invested in this beauty last year.
I don't get on it every day but I'd say I use it at least four times a week and generally more. I've taken to riding with friends while we edit and write and give each other that virtual push. I can read email and surf the web on it too, so really there is no excuse. I do get a sore butt after an hour though so fair warning.

How do you stay mobile?


jean harrington said...

Your standing-sitting desk is a great innovation over the standard sit-all-day type. I don't have one, Toni, but I do jump up frequently to put wash in/take wash out/check stove/answer door/go for mail. Does all that count toward keeping fit? Probably not, but it does break up the day. And concentration. Ah well, the spirit is willing . . .

Rita said...

I change my office around frequently. I was doing okay with my short bursts of exercise until 10 days ago. Pain knocked me down for a while. Today I was able to start with the stretching again. I use my bike time for talking on the phone and stuff like you do.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Oh, I haven't seen a bike-desk before. That looks easier than a treadmill desk, which can make me dizzy. I was just thinking about how to improve my office environment (currently a desk in the corner of my living room) to increase productivity. I want to try some oil diffusers for focus and try having a set time to work and a set time to walk/workout.

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