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Monday, August 11, 2014

Timing is Everything

You know how sometimes life works in mysterious ways? Sometimes, there's a synchronicity in the things we do or say or with the people we meet and totally unassociated things can become extremely associated. I don't know about you, but I find those times very random and very surreal.

Or a person can deal with any type of issue or emotion and something in life might happen that could snap them in another direction. Hopefully a better direction, although sometimes that may not be the case.

In Imminent Danger, Abbey Washington has been living her life, but just barely. She works hard at her job, but she keeps to herself. She's reserved and shy except when she's dancing. Dancing is the only time when she has control and she needs the music like she needs air to breathe. Dancing helps her cope, helps her deal with life. So what turns Abbey around? A couple of things actually. Witnessing a crime is one, but potentially being a victim for a second time in her life is the other. It takes a scary situation for her to come out of her shell, to learn to trust, to begin to grow. Her bad timing might actually be the best thing that could've happened to her. (Here's the cover since I can't seem to get enough of it. <G>)

It's like the saying my mom to used all the time: Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I think that's the theme of all my books. (Now granted, some things shouldn't ever happen, but they do. The trick is to learn from it.)

I'm curious if any of you have experienced bad timing that turned out to be a good thing.

And, in case you're interested, I thought I'd post a quick excerpt from Imminent Danger.

“You’re in a good mood,” Abbey said, coming out of her bedroom.
Blake turned and nearly dropped to the ground in supplication. It took a concerted effort to keep his jaw from hitting the floor.
Abbey canted her head. “What?”
What? Was she kidding? What was that in thirty minutes she’d transformed herself from stunning girl to absolute Miss Universe perfection. He didn’t often see her wearing makeup and the effect it had on her already smooth skin and clear green eyes nearly brought him to his knees. Her dirty blond hair hung smooth and long around her shoulders, and the form-fitting strappy neon pink top and black leggings with a matching pink stripe down the side showed off her toned dancer’s body. He pegged her at five foot eight and she was all legs. The girl had legs to her neck. Legs he wanted wrapped around his waist as he pushed inside of her and sent them both—
“Hello.” Abbey snapped her fingers in the air. “Blake. Yo.”
He snapped out of his daydream.
“What’s got you on another planet?” She headed to the sofa and left the smell of citrus in her wake. She rifled through her bag for something.  
“Uh…nothing.” He backed up toward the door. “You ready to go?” If he stayed in her apartment much longer, she might end up out of those clothes she wore. Man, he could imagine stripping everything off her. Slowly and surely exposing every inch of smooth, soft skin.
“I don’t know.” She put a hand on her hip and cocked a stance. “You ready to stop looking at me like I’m your next meal?”
His gaze flashed to hers and he smiled. “Was I doing that?”
She nodded with one eyebrow arched high.
“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I’ll work on it.”
“Good. You need to.” She swung a large bag over her shoulder. “C’mon. I don’t want to be late,” she said, passing him to open the front door.


Anne Marie Becker said...

I love the cover, too! And the excerpt. Awesome. :D

My mom used to say "everything happens for a reason," too. She was full of phrases like that. In fact, when she died a couple years ago, my siblings and I created a list of "Momisms" in her honor. :) This morning, I was just thinking about one of them: "Nobody ever promised you a rose garden."

Robena Grant said...

I agree that timing is everything. I also think if we truly listen to our gut we'll get the timing right. Unfortunately I've been known to let impatience take over and make my move a bit too early. : )
Anyway, I love the excerpt and the cover of Imminent Danger, and I look forward to another great read. Huge congrats! on the this release day!

Dee J. said...

Hi Anne Marie,
Aw... I love that. "Momisms." I guess we all have those. Sounds like your mom and mine would've gotten along great. Haha. Glad you like the cover and excerpt. Blake makes me smile.

Hi Robena,
Thank you! And I'm similar to you in that I try to time things right. Unfortunately, I usually end up mostly wrong. I just try to do the best I can and let the rest go. I'd drive myself crazy otherwise. Thanks for stopping in!

Robin Bielman said...

Hi Dee! Yep, I agree timing is sometimes everything. I also like to say what's meant to be will be. Loved this excerpt and I'm so looking forward to reading the book! Congrats on your latest release!

Dee J. said...

Hi Robin,
I always think of Doris Day when I hear the phrase "What will be, will be." Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I thought just a quickie one would be fun. And congrats to YOU on your new release Veiled Target! Thanks for dropping by!

Marcelle Dubé said...

Great cover and even better excerpt, Dee J. I never worry about timing, because that way lies madness. :-) So far, so good...

Rita said...

Yes everything DOES happen for a reason. It's up to uis to figure out the reason and put it to good use.

Samanthe Beck said...

I love the cover too, & the excerpt. Imminent Danger is on my Kindle and I can't wait to dive in.

My mom's mom-isms are less philosophical. She says stuff like, "If someone offers you a breath mint, you should accept it, because they could be trying to tell you something." :}

Maureen A. Miller said...

The cover is awesome!

I missed a bus once because I had to run back into the hotel to retrieve a bag I left in the lobby. I was traveling with a large group and now I was stranded. But Huey Lewis walked into the lobby and he stopped and took his picture with me.

LOL. Okay, I don't think that was the example you were looking for... :)

Dee J. said...

Hi Marcelle,
Thank you! And I'm with you. I have zero control over how most things work out, so I don't usually worry, but the way life falls together - or apart - sometimes is always fascinating. Thanks for dropping in!

Hi Rita,
That is the hard part, right? Figuring out how to put everything to good it good, bad or ugly. It's all a process, I guess. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Samanthe,
Thanks for picking up Imminent Danger! Hope you enjoy it! And I love your mom-ism! I totally do that too! I always take the breath mint for fear I've got Dragon breath! Words of wisdom! LOL. Thanks for coming by!

Hi Maureen,
That is totally what I'm looking for! Anything that wouldn't have happened if you'd done something else counts! I hear Huey's a nice guy, too! Very cool! Thanks for popping in!

jean harrington said...

Sexy, very, very sexy.

Lynne Marshall said...

I remember crying to a friend after getting dumped by a guy way back when, saying "At this point I'd even date a cop."

Well, within the year I met a guy named Bill from LAPD - who has now been my husband for almost 32 years!

So sometimes, getting dumped is for the best.

love Imminent Danger

Dee J. said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you! Haha! Always love to hear THAT!

Hi Lynne,
That is pretty funny! (And something I didn't know! LOL.) And huge thanks for that awesome review at Amazon and Goodreads! Mucho love to you!

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