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Sunday, August 17, 2014


As I consider writing a ‘Vintage’ (50s-70s) romantic suspense, I make notes of memories and last week spoke to others about their recollections. Everything from funny to stupid, to bitter sweet was mentioned. As I reviewed my notes, I wondered what children and teens of this day and age would have to recall as memories. Sitting next to one another texting? Sexting?  TGP’ing and or egging a house is a no-no for this generation of pranksters. “Not good for the environment,” I was told by a self-assured teenager sipping from a water bottle. No, these days it’s hacking into a teacher’s computer to get a test or change grades.

Do you remember riding a bike with no helmet, arm and knee pads? I swear I never knew anyone who got more than road rash from a bike crash. I think we must have peddled five to ten miles a day in summer. Never alone but in ‘gangs’. LOL! I played in the swamp, chased gators, (relax, nothing over five feet long) was chased by wild pigs. Climbed trees and coquina cliffs without a safety rope or net. The only time I can remember falling was when I went to sleep in the crook of an old oak and woke up falling. I hid silently in stickery bushes peering into windows to watch the only TV on the island. Now, children of that age seem distraught if there is no video display equipment of some kind in every room, if not their hand. Will they remember the time they visited their dotty g-ma who had no cell or wi-fi service and they had to, gasp, talk to one another? Will they reminisce about the early days of facebook and pinterest?

I drank palm berry moonshine that, when strained, was sometimes used as fuel in the tank of a car. Had to wear a girdle, white gloves and stockings to church. Stop laughing it was the 50s and 60s. Thank gawd for the burn your bra movement. Which I immediately joined.    

I survived relatively unscathed. I do occasionally twitch a bit. Can’t decide if it is from the moonshine or the girdle. I can show you a couple of scars but will not tell the story unless you’re sitting there with me.    

What becomes the head scratcher for me is, can you imagine what will the future that the days of 2014 will be considered the good old days?  And… when authors are writing a vintage story about 2014 what will they include?

Are your memories, pressed between the pages of your mind.  Sweetened thru the ages just like wine. Do you dream of the old days when life was beautiful and you knew what happiness was. Or, was all the crazy shit you did last night the best memories

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J Wachowski said...

Great post, Rita! (Let's make a date. I want the scar story.)
My kids look at me all agog when I explain we had to watch our favorite TV show *when it was on.* And the only way to skip commercials was to leave the room.
I can't wait until their kids say to them: "You had a cellphone?"

Rita said...

Date it is! HA about the TV things. I suspect this would be a wonderful conversation with adult beverages involved - could get very funny.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Rita, I always look forward to your posts. I love your perspective on things. I was a child of the 70s and remember the "no-remote" TV. My kids are shocked I had to watch commercials back then. LOL

Now? My kids now Skype with their friends while playing computer games, so they don't even have to arrange playdates. Scary.

Rita said...

Oh! 70s child did you drink from the graden hose? A while back I saw something about how dangerous that was. You must have been caught up in panty hose also.

jean harrington said...

Rita, I'm ashamed to say I didn't do any crazy shit last night. So sad to say, guess I have to rely on memories. A fun post. Thanks.

jean harrington said...

Anne Marie, Just read your comment. I still have to watch commercials--my DH controls the remote. A guy thing, I guess, a substitute . . . (I'll be coy here.)

Rita said...

Jean come visit. I'm sure we can get into some crazy shit with no problems.

Rita said...

I CANNOT stand commercials. And yes remote control is a guy thing. LOL!

Marcelle Dubé said...

I love my remote control, but I adore my PVR and skipping through all the commercials. :-) What amazes me about today is how kids watch Netflix rather than what's happening on television now, and how they download all their music instead of listening to radio stations.

Elise Warner said...

More...more...more I want to know more about those scars, the swamp and the gator. Wow!

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