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Friday, July 5, 2013

What do you want to know?

I have a confession to make. I forgot I was due to post on here and I couldn't think of a worthwhile subject. Nothing sprang to mind. Nada. What a terrible confession for a writer to make. :)

I began wondering what people might want to know about me or about other writers. This line of thought quickly sent me back to talks I used to give. I don't do so many these days for various reasons - mainly that I can reach more people via the internet. It's not quite the same as having the personal interaction though.

But I digress...

I thought of the time spent planning the talks I give, and how it feels to walk into a room filled with people waiting to hear me entertain them for an hour. Yikes. Once I get started, I'm usually fine. I speak about how I first got into writing, explain a little about my working day, read an excerpt from my latest book - the usual stuff. When I reach the end of my talk, I breathe a sigh of relief and ask if anyone has any questions. Lots of hands shoot up and I can guarantee what the first two questions will be.

Any guesses? Then I'll tell you.

The first is always "Where do you get your ideas from?". Oh my, I wish I knew. The other evening I was watching TV with my husband and suddenly said, "Yes! I've just thought of a great place to hide a body." Fortunately, he's used to these outbursts and didn't look too concerned. But where did it come from? Divine inspiration? I don't know. I do know that ideas are all around though. Watch people, watch the news reports, read newspapers - ideas come from real life and they're everywhere. Sometimes, a good long walk and thinking about something else does the trick for me.

The second question, without fail, is "Do you write in longhand or on the computer?". I always have to choose my words with care at this point. I'm an author, people. Whether I dictate the words to a secretary, use a quill or a top-of-the range computer - I can't see that it matters a jot. Yet, to the readers I meet, it does seem to matter.

So tell me, folks. If you met your favourite author for dinner this evening, what would be your first question to them.

(Oh, and I type straight onto a computer. :o))


Mike Keyton said...

At what point do you know your 'book' is going to work?

Anne Marie Becker said...

For me, I like to know what an author's "process" is...always fascinating to look at how creativity works, and that's probably the question I get most from fellow writers.

Shelley Munro said...

I think I'd ask what they're thinking of doing next, but the question about their process would be there too. The way other writers do things always fascinates me.

Elise Warner said...

I would most likely be struck dumb. When I was a singer, I met Mabel Mercer who could do fantastic things with lyrics and I had been given her albums for inspiration. I couldn't think of anything to say. Too much in awe.

Shirley Wells said...

Mike, that's a great question. I rarely know until I type 'The End'. Until that point, I exist in a state of complete panic. Sometimes, I don't know if it works until my editor assures me it does (or otherwise). :)

Anne Marie - yes! The actual process seems to be totally different from author to author. What a strange bunch we are.

Shelley, I'm with you there. I always want to know what the author is doing next.

Elise, that's too funny. So understandable though. It's impossible to think of anything when in the presence of a hero/heroine. :)

Marcelle Dubé said...

I would ask, "How do you sleep at night...?"

Shirley Wells said...

Marcelle, what a great question. Today's answer from me would be "I don't". :) I've been too busy trying to fill plot holes to sleep, lol.

Tiffany said...


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