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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

That Time I Auditioned for Whodunnit

A few months back, I got wind of an upcoming television show devoted to the entertainment of mystery lovers. I got excited. After some research, I learned the show was being put together in a rush and would air this summer on ABC. The concept was a reality show a la CLUE. The producers were gathering applications and conducting hundreds of phone interviews with the the amateur sleuths interested in participating. The grand prize? $250K. I wanted in. The show: Whodunnit

I found an email address for the assistant producer and sent an email telling him how delightful I am, and I left a phone number. My phone rang an hour later. He was a ton of fun and our talks were sometimes silly, sometimes disturbing, but mostly fun. I spoke to my contact at the show twice and soon received a mammoth sized file to read, complete and sign. Much of it was legal and I was sworn to secrecy at that point forward. So, let's just say a couple things.....

1. They didn't pick me
2. They really should have *cheese smile face*
3. Agree to disagree.

This is a chunk of my audition tape, which they may or may not have asked me to send in. I can't tell you if they asked because that was covered in the fat stack of paperwork I signed.

I haven't seen the show yet, but it's on Tivo for when I get a writing break. It sounded like lots of fun for me solving crimes, and a couple months of Hubsy playing the role of stay-at-home-dad. That sounded like fun for me too.

The point of this post is this: Do something silly today. This week. This year. Do something you love. Something bigger than normal. Make a memory you can point at later, possibly over drinks with friends, and say "I can't believe I did that." No, I didn't get on national television, but I had a ton of fun dreaming, making my first ever audition tape, and now sharing that with you.

I still think they should've made me their undercover killer. I bet I could've gotten away with it.


Shelley Munro said...

LOL I loved your audition tape. Socks are difficult to spit out, huh?

I'll have to see if this show or something similar comes down this end of the world.

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

Hi Shelley! Thanks for watching my silly excerpts LOL I cut & pieced that together late last night. The original tape was much longer. It still makes me laugh to think I was ready to pack up and leave for a reality show. Sometimes I shake my head at myself. :)

Gloria Weber said...

Great audition tape. They should have picked you. It was way better than the tape I made when I auditioned to be a Korean pop idol (despite the fact I don't speak Korean and can't really sing). I have destroyed any traces of mine. You need not! ;)

Anne Marie Becker said...

Fun! Loved the tape... Hubby and I have talked about auditioning for the Amazing Race. I mean, if we survive raising our 3 kids, why couldn't we race across the country together? I've DVR'd the Whodunnit series for when we're back home and I have a writing break, too...may not be until August. LOL

Anne Marie Becker said...

Um, and that should be the "world" not race across the "country". We're doing the latter right now on our family road trip. LOL

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

Gloria, you are so mean to tease us like that! Please make a new replica tape immediately. We can post it here. :)

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

Ann Marie! You guys would have so much fun! You should do this! What an adventure THAT would be. PS: Share your audition tape :)
PPS: I will watch faithfully & vote for you. Is there voting? Doesn't matter. I will vote for you even if there isn't voting.

Maureen A. Miller said...

That was awesome, Julie Anne! How long did you have to sit there with the sock in your mouth? :)
I auditioned for an old show (because I'm old) called Puttin' On The Hits. It was scary because it was on a stage in front of a gazillion people (probably a hundred...I'm prone to exaggeration).

Rita said...

A gal who lives in my world! The vid is brilliant. Keep on being silly. If i ever run for supreme universe commander that will be my platform

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

Maureen! I would have loved to see you on Puttin On The Hits! That was clearly their loss!

Rita :) LOL Silly is my middle name. And I would like to officially place my vote for you as Supreme Universe Commander.

Shirley Wells said...

LOL, I love your vid. Just brilliant. They should have picked you. They should!!!

Clare London said...

That's marvellous, good for you! I loved the tape (did I hear a little snicker in the background from your trusty production team?). You TOTALLY should have been picked!

I once auditioned with a group of friends for a quiz show called Eggheads. I realised very wuickly that although I could cope with the questions, I did NOT like being on camera! And jumping through all those hoops, like pretending to talk through answer options when we already knew it?! Ugh. I'm obviously not TV material LOL

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