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Monday, August 15, 2011

When Spell Checker Fails

I just got my butt kicked in yoga this morning (and I did forget it was my blog day), so enjoy this light post.

I pride myself on turning in very clean copies to my editor because I'm a ruthless self-editor (I do love my red pen). Even then, I need and love my editors because I won't catch everything. And, you know, they do these other things like catch continuity errors and such. Sometimes, however, errors do slip by the writer, the editor, and the copy editor and make it into print. No, it's not only an e-book thing. The following list is compiled from books by big name authors from big name publishers.

Number 1
route canal (no, this story did not take place in Venice or Amsterdam)

Number 2
hare’s breath (wow, two for two!)

Number 3
the greatest sigh of life (no, this wasn’t during a sex scene)

Number 4
her curves pressed to the plains of his body

Number 5
horde of jewelery

Number 6
your welcome

Number 7
loosening thunder (I didn’t realize thunder could be tense)

Number 8
reigned in his anger

Number 9
imminent scientists (they’re right outside the door)

Number 10
eyes slid passed her

Number 11
unladylike epitaph (if I wasn’t planning on cremation, I guess I would be okay with “Bee-otch” on my tombstone)

Number 12
the patience of Jove (someone skipped Sunday school)

Number 13
fulfilled the duel roles of butler and secretary


Rita said...

Late to come to the party (guess we both were) but this gave me a laugh out loud. thanks

Clare London said...

Thanks for the happy amusement this morning, these are great! Just goes to show you *can't* rely on spell checker, at least not totally :).

MaureenAMiller said...

Oh, aren't these just the truth! I try to pacify myself with the logic that I simply want to get the words down on paper, and then I'll go back and figure out what I did wrong. And sometimes they just slip bye. LOL

Elise Warner said...

Loved route canal. Favorite laugh of the day.

Shirley Wells said...

I really loved these. My favourite has to be 'route canal'. Thanks for the laugh!

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