Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Things To Do On Launch Day

10 Things To Do On Launch Day

1. Drink mojitos till you turn green and smell like mint
2. Overcome your fear of being a Twitter Twit
3. Refrain from screaming obscenities at Facebook
4. At least remember to visit your own blog
5. Thank God your office is near the bathroom
6. Delete the ton of spam hitting the In Box regarding Mexico, romance, penis enlargement, Japanese investments, South African lotto, and Viagra
7. Don't neglect your needy dogs
8. Resolve to take classes on Friending and Tweeting
9. No more lighting celery fronds thinking they're quit, remember???
10. If anxiety kicks your ass, start on #1...24 hours early

Hope all of you have a marvelous weekend. Sorry I'm late - been outta state on an emergency with loved ones.

Maureen, hope YOU had a great birthday!

See ya'll next time,
~ Sunny/Bobbie


Clare London said...

Great advice Bobbie LOL. Mine's a frozen margarita, thanks :).

Shirley Wells said...

Late to the party (as usual) but I love this. In future, I'll just stick to #1. It's #8 that brings me out in a cold sweat. :)