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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Solar Eclipse '17

The writer in me thinks I missed out on a great plot opportunity. How many romances sprang up in the crowds that gathered to watch the solar eclipse in August? Strangers were hugging. Barbecues. Champagne. The mystery and anonymity of hiding behind eclipse glasses. It was the perfect blend for a romance, or even a little romantic suspense.

The enthusiast in me, however, was too busy prepping for and enjoying the event. I live in North Carolina so we were at about 95% coverage here. It was a beautiful, sunny day, without a cloud to worry about. My viewing partner was ready long before me. Rather than watch the eclipse unfold, however, she was watching her mommy make a fool of herself with a tripod and camera. 

I had several lenses stacked atop each other. UV filters and polarizers. Of course, I was one of those who had procrastinated in getting the glasses, and ended up scrambling two days before, purchasing "Official Solar Eclipse Glasses" from the back of a van parked in the Walmart parking lot. Hey, he showed me an ISO certificate! I guess you can call them a shady pair of glasses (cue the groan).

Well, for all my prep. I couldn't see a darn thing through the lens. Fortunately, I did not sear my eyeball. In the end the only magic trick was to put the solar eclipse glasses over the camera and manage a few cryptic shots. But, all in all, it was a fun event. And one that I'd consider using in a future book. I mean, heck, my day had all the necessary elements.

  • Villainous character in a minivan
  • Stunning heroine - the four-legged fox in sunglasses
  • HEA - a few legible photos of the eclipse

How about you? Were you able to view the eclipse this summer?


Julie Moffett said...

Those are GORGEOUS photos, Maureen!! Wow! And the baby puppy is so sweet!! Enjoyed your post!!

Maureen A. Miller said...

Thanks, Miss Julie! The puppy bailed on me. She said, "It's too hot out here." :)

Sandy Parks said...

Great tale of watching the eclipse. You had quite the helper behind those mysterious glasses. We had fun with the eclipse, too but not so high tech. We used cereal boxes and the trees overhead to cast crescent shadows everywhere. Fun for sure.

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