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Friday, September 1, 2017

A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey

Tada! Drum roll. Helium balloons floating out of sight. Pigeons hitting the air. Well, maybe we can skip the pigeons. They tend to dive bomb . . . . Anyway, the hoopla is to announce the release today of Murder on Pea Pike, Book #1 in the Listed and Lethal Series. Tag line: What happens when a hot property meets a cold corpse?


Yes, you’re right. This is a murder mystery series. In it, real estate agent, Honey Ingersoll, is the amateur sleuth whose Scots-Irish good looks and hard-scrabble upbringing aid and abet her crime busting ability. At 25, she’s made some bad choices in men and life and is now determined to revamp herself as the best Realtor Eureka Falls, Arkansas, ever did see-- thank you very much. What she doesn’t expect is that her first big house sale will include a dead body. One with a bullet hole in the chest.


            In all seriousness, before I started the Listed and Lethal Series, I knew I wanted to create a character with a brand new voice. My first series, the award-winning Murders by Design, is set in sun-drenched Naples, Florida, a wonderful backdrop for glamorous murders. It was fun bumping people off under the palm trees, so to speak.

But a writer’s biggest challenge is to remain fresh and vivid and entertaining. With that in mind, I felt the time had come to switch the tongue-in-cheek mayhem to a new location, with a new protagonist, and a new set of villains. And Murder on Pea Pike is the happy result.

Hence the drum roll, the balloons, the birds. So if you have a moment and would like to find out more about Honey Ingersoll, do check her out at She can also be found at   



Clare London said...

Oooh, Honey sounds just the kind of sassy and courageous heroine I like ;). I like a strong, unique voice for the main protagonist in crime fiction - that's what will make me a fan of a series!

jean harrington said...

I love a series, too, Clare. They get to be like old friends. You know the hero/heroine and their quirks, strengths, weaknesses and that's comforting and familiar. The trick for the author is to know when to stop and begin a new series with fresh faces and voices. So I hope I've done that--in the nick of time!

Sandy Parks said...

It's hard to find new twists and locations that fit for a mystery. This one sounds like fun, Jean.

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