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Friday, June 9, 2017

To hide or not to hide!

I have far too many days during the course of writing a book when I feel the need to run and hide under the duvet. 

Sometimes, the writing process seems impossible and I’m so convinced that I’m incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together that I feel the need to hide. 

When those magical words The End are finally written, I think my worries should be over - but no. They only increase. I have to send the book to my editor and that brings on another of those days. Nails are chewed and nerves are strained to breaking point as I convince myself that she’ll hate every single word. 

Publication day should be a doddle, right? I’m happy that my book’s worthy and my editor likes it so what’s to worry about? Plenty. That brings on a hide under the duvet with a very large bottle of alcohol day. I know I should be out there promoting it but all I want to do is hide in case the whole world hates it. 

Publication day comes and goes and I should relax. World War Three didn’t break out. No Worst Book Ever headlines appear. Time to relax, right? Sadly, not. For me, the worst worry ever then raises its ugly head. The reviews. I know that not everyone likes every book. I know I’ve plucked up courage to read a one star review only to see “Haven’t read it yet”. (What’s that about?!?) I know that books destined to top the bestsellers lists for months pick up a lot of negative reviews. I know all this yet I never stop worrying. I tell myself not to read the reviews but can never resist a quick look. 

My latest book, The Final Echoes, hasn’t received many reviews yet but they’re coming in slowly and surely. And they’re good. All very positive. (Don’t feel obliged but the book is on sale at Amazon for the whole month of June. :o)) 

Time to stop worrying? No, because the whole sorry process has started again. You see, I’m writing the next book. Yes, the whole process seems impossible. And yes, I’m convinced I can’t string a coherent sentence together. 

Maybe I should forget writing and take up something that’s easier on my nerves. Sky diving or perhaps swimming with sharks springs to mind.

Does anyone else feel the same or is it just me?  


Anne Marie Becker said...

There's always such a relief when that first review comes in and it's a good one. That's the biggest hurdle for me (besides writing the book). ;)

jean harrington said...

Shirley, You struck a nerve with this post. Writing is not for the faint of heart, the lily-livered, or the unduly sensitive. It's for the brave, the thick-skinned, those who do or die. It's for people who, "Nevertheless, . . . persisted." I rest my case.

Shirley Wells said...

Too many big hurdles for me, Anne Marie. ;o)

Shirley Wells said...

So true, Jean. I shall remind myself that I'm brave and thick-skinned. My new motto will be Do or Die!

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