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Friday, May 13, 2016

Searching for a miracle!

I have no kids to tend to and no day job so, in theory, I could get out of bed and spend the whole day writing. Isn’t theory a wonderful concept?

It seems there’s always something to do that puts paid to that little notion. Today has been a typical day. I took the dogs for their early morning walk then decided to take the young dog into the town for a meander for an hour (he’s nervous around people so we’re doing lots of positive training). I came home, fed said dogs and then remembered that, while I was in town, I was supposed to pick up a prescription. I drove back, only to be told that it wasn’t ready. I came home, had breakfast, washed dishes and had a quick tidy up, then returned for the prescription. I came home with the prescription, made a coffee, and remembered that I had a birthday card that simply had to be mailed today. I wrote that, spent an age hunting through scraps of paper for the recipient’s new address and, yes, drove back into town to mail it. Then, as the sun is shining (such a rarity in the UK), I decided to wash a couple of my waterproof coats and let them drip dry in the sunshine. Thinking of sunshine reminded me that we’re having a few days holiday next week so I made a quick list of things to pack while they were on my mind. 

By this time, my stomach was reminding me it was lunchtime.

I had lunch, switched on the computer to check Facebook and Twitter start writing and - guess what - I saw a reminder that it was my turn for a blog post.

What ideas do I have for a blog post? None. Zilch. Sweet FA.

It occurred to me while I was flapping around in my busy but pointless way that, in the days when I did have a day job, I was at my office desk at 9 am latest and didn’t leave until 5 pm at the earliest. And, more surprising, everything - all those pesky little errands - got done AND I found time to write. 

I can’t believe the days are getting shorter, it simply feels as if I only get three hours in a day. No, the problem is with me. I have become totally, utterly, hopelessly disorganised.

So, dear readers, I’m begging for your help - or looking for a miracle. Exactly how do you manage to organise your lives? Any tips you're willing to share?


Maureen A. Miller said...

I have a similar problem. Everything seems to rate at a higher priority than writing. I'm constantly saying, "I'll write as soon as I get this done, I'll write as soon as I get this done..." When that time finally arrives, I fall asleep in my chair at the computer.

And notice today that you had to preempt writing in order to complete a blog! LOL

Anne Marie Becker said...

Yes, there's always something else to do, isn't there? It doesn't help that writing can be so hard most days, so I'd rather catch up on laundry and dishes and errands and.... Yeah. It's hard! LOL I admire the people who can sit down and write first thing, making sure they "get their words done" before touching anything else. I've accepted that that's not me, but that I need to set aside 2-3 hours where writing IS my focus (especially before the kids get out of school). Not easy, though!

Marcelle Dubé said...

All I can say, Shirley, is that routine is our friend...

Rita said...

Snort! Me organized? Ha! I am the very LAST person to have any wisdom about this. I've turned into a be who you are do what you need to do person. Be happy.

Shirley Wells said...

That's it, Maureen. When I've had one of usual pointless days, I promise myself I'll write in the evening. By that time, I'm too tired to do anything other than slump in a chair with a glass of wine and read someone else's words. :)

Shirley Wells said...

Anne Marie, you're right, it can be so hard. When faced with a blank page/screen, I'll often decide the windows need cleaning, lol. I *hate* cleaning windows. I've tried the sit down and write first thing too, but it's not for me. :)

Shirley Wells said...

Marcelle, routine is definitely our friend. :)

Rita, I'm glad I'm not alone. You're right though. So long as we're happy who cares if the words don't get written, lol.

Elise Warner said...

I find I write best when I sit down in the morning but as we all have experienced sometimes life gets in the way. I try to make up for it in the evening but also find I'm tired. I have found I can proof on the bus when I need too and consider that a plus.

jean harrington said...

Shirley, get out of bed, have coffee, and write. Let the dogs pee on the floor. Ror me, there is no other way. Of course, I don't have a dog.

Shirley Wells said...

Elise, I can proof far more easily so, in future, I'll look on that as a plus. Thanks. :)

Jean, you're right. Well maybe not about dogs peeing on the floor, lol, but I should get out of bed, have coffee, walk dogs and then write - come what may!

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