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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Four Big Reasons Book Clubs Rock!

One of my favorite things about Mia Connors, my Geek Girl Mysteries' heroine, is that she knows she isn’t always cool, but when she is, it’s usually because she’s geeking out over something she loves. My favorite things to nerd out about are books, which is why I started a book club. Here are a few reasons you should try one, too.

4. THE FOOD! Oh. My. Word. THE FOOD. It’s as if everyone in my book club loves food (and wine) as much as I do, and everyone brings something amazing to share. We’re not talking open bags of chips here. We’re talking….indulgence. I mean, why not? It’s only once a month, right? When we aren’t sharing plates at a member’s home, we hit a local restaurant we’ve been wanting to try.

3. BOOKISH FRIENDS! No one at a book club will see you reading and assume you aren’t busy. They won’t tell you they don’t have time to read, they’re simply too busy, unlike you who must need more to do or you wouldn’t be sitting around reading. Book clubbers will nerd out with you over shared literary experiences and give you the scoop on stories you’ve yet to try.
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2.  YOU TIME! If finding time to read is tough, you can finally put it on your calendar and say no to the neighbor who wants you to babysit. “Sorry. I’ve got book club this week and I need to finish this novel.” Add an innocent shrug and head for your most comfy couch. Ahhh.

1.   THE BOOKS! Joining a book club means reading consistently and broadly. Think of all the new books and genres you’ll try! A commitment where the only thing I’m expected to do is read? Um, yes, please!
Happy 2015, book lovers! Here’s to 365 more days of reading fun!

Do you belong to a book club? Do you love it? What’s your favorite part?


Anne Marie Becker said...

I've belonged to a couple book clubs in my life, but my most recent one kind of dissipated a few months ago because everyone got too busy. (The previous club was no longer an option for me because I moved. ;) )

I loved the camaraderie (and wine & food), and discovered some great books. What I didn't like was that they weren't romance-centric (or even open to reading romance), so I found my precious limited reading time was going toward books I wasn't enjoying, for the most part. I probably liked 1 in 12 of the books they were choosing, even though they were popular fiction or women's fiction books. Oh, it was still time well-spent, IMO, because I believe in studying other authors' writing styles and such, but given the opportunity, I'd much rather dive into a romance. ;)

But, yeah, the food, wine and company (and excuse to take a "me" night!) were invaluable!!

Hey, and congrats on the new release! (Didn't you have one this week?)

Marcelle Dubé said...

I've never belonged to a book club, though I love the concept. Last month, to my delight, I was invited (along with two other writers) to read at a book club near Vancouver (B.C.) while I was visiting down there. It was a wonderful experience: amazing food, an appreciative audience, intelligent conversation and interesting participants. What a treat!

Thanks for the post, Julie Anne.

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

My book club keeps me reading outside my norm for sure. I love the ladies. I will miss them if/when we finally move (house hunting). And I think you're totally right about reading in those other genres. Good research and enrichment... I think? LOL

I did! I had a release on 3/7 :) *confetti and party horns*

Rita said...

I read across genres. Love seeing how other authors swirl the words on the page. Been in a few books clubs. The one here is very stuffy. Absolutely NO romance. They want to stick to NYTs list. January’s book was a required read for a college anthropology class. Ehh. I don’t go in January. Lot’s more to say but I won’t.

Cathy Perkins said...

I've joined a book club and so far it's been fun. As several people mentioned, it's an opportunity/excuse to read outside my usual genre.

jean harrington said...

That was fun, Julie! I don't belong to a book club currently but have in the past. However, I periodically speak to book clubs and LOVE them. Next one for me is the Venetian Bay Book Club on March 28th. All the gals (book club members are most often women)have read my Naples-set, Murders by Design Mystery Series and are ready to pounce with their questions. Can't wait!

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