Friday, February 12, 2016

How Do I Love Thee

Let’s play, How Do Your Character Feel About Each Other. 
Our heroes and heroines love one another. As romance authors, no matter the sub-genre, we build the love between our characters. Sometimes slowly, other times quite rapidly. I’ve learned asking my H&H to describe how they feel about their relationship makes writing their romance much easier.
In my WIP I have a couple I wanted to build another book around. Each time I posed the question to them, I got blank looks. Not a single romantic word. They are very suited for and truly care for each, but as friends.  I put them with other minor/secondary, and a bit unlikely characters, and things happened. Boy did things happen.
So, let’s go. Tell me your character’s feeling about each other in as few words as possible. Please no, they complete me, answers. You decide which one or both or your characters you want to share. I’ll start with my heroes only.
“I thought I protected her. I realized it was the other way around. Every day she wrapped me in her love and let me do what I was meant to do.” Nick Mahoney
“She is my heart. Everything about her is etched there.” Hunter
“Describe how I feel about her? Describe the air you need to breathe.” Declan O’Conner  
“Can I live without her? I did for years. Do I want to? Not for another second, and I won’t.” Ben Walsh. 
“She’s made me believe in reincarnation. God wouldn’t be so cruel as to only give me one life to love her.” Jack O'Brien.
I also asked a secondary character married twenty-five years to explain his feelings. He scratched his jaw, squinted and said, “it would be easier to catch fog in a jar then to explain how I feel about that woman.”   

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Anne Marie Becker said...

Wow, I love your characters' responses! So romantic, and just in time for Valentine's Day. ;)

My current hero and heroine are in the early, distrustful stage, thinking each is the other's enemy. I'll have to try this out on them as they get to know each other.

Rita said...

Funny but my guys are the first to know they are in a forever love.