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Monday, February 15, 2016

Five Reasons to Love Cozy Mysteries

1.    1. Cozy heroines make the perfect friends.

Opening a cozy mystery is like meeting your best friend for coffee and learning what she’s been up to. She’s the girl next door. The one with a big heart, crackling wit and a heaping helping of chutzpa.
Google Image Result for

“Every time you get an idea, I get dragged into it somehow.”

I’d cheerfully follow a cozy heroine anywhere.

2.      2. Cozy mysteries make me laugh

I can’t help it. I love to laugh. I grew up on I love Lucy and Murder She Wrote reruns. As a result, I’ve developed a deep appreciate for beautiful, intelligent women unafraid of making silly faces or showing up the men. You think that fence and sign will stop her? Think again.
Wait this is crazy, this is me and my best friend ! Photo taken by Jon Jon Macaya who also happens to be my boyfriend:

3.      3. Clean, family fun

Cozy mysteries are great for sharing. They’re light on the cursing, romance and gore. Okay, there’s actually no gore, but there’s plenty of antics, action and laughs. I love dropping the drama and dissolving into a PG rated read when life starts feeling more like R for ridiculous and I need a fast escape.
Rowan or Tris would say this to someone.:

4.      4. Community

There’s nothing I love more than friends, family and community. Cozy mysteries feature quirky townsfolk, loopy neighbors and loyal friends. Think: Stars Hallow circa Gilmore Girls. There’s just something about finding our people that stirs my heart and cozies are all about heart.
Hahaha :) "This town is like one big outpatient mental institution":

5    5. Girl Power!

Yes, there might be a handsome detective. Yes, he might do his best to keep our heroine out of harm’s way, but cozy heroines don’t need saving. Cozy heroines are one part sass and two parts gumption. Think: Veronica Mars. Resilient, brilliant and unstoppable. She doesn’t have a gun or Navy Seal training, and she probably runs a cheese shop or works at the Renaissance Faire, but when push comes to shove, a cozy heroine puts her IQ to work and gets the job done. My grandma always said, “Tell a woman it’s impossible, and she’ll have it done by supper.” I say, “Amen, grandma!”
Veronica Mars wisecracks - Fear:

Well, I think that sums it up! There are plenty of reasons I love reading cozy mysteries, but these are my favorites. What about you? Do you love a good mystery? Are there any cozies on your night stand? What’s draws you to your favorite genre? I’d love to hear!


Marcelle Dubé said...

Good post, Julie. I do enjoy cozies and I think the main reason is because Our Heroine always manages to figure out the mystery and save herself and whoever else needs saving.

Rita said...

Ya know I haven't read a cozy in some time. I've been looking for 'new' reads. Think I shall look up a few cozys.
Great post. Thanks.

Cathy Perkins said...

I enjoy cozies/amateur sleuth stories where the protagonist isn't a cop or an FBI agent or whatever, just an average citizen who's doing the best she can for friends and family. And, yep, she's usually someone I'd like to hang out with and go to happy hour with.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Haha - I love that quote from Gilmore Girls. :D Miss that show! And yes, there's something so "cozy" about returning to a familiar (if fictional) small town, or the same quirky character.

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