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Sunday, September 20, 2015


            Lately, in writers groups, there has been some discussion about keeping the joy in our writing. There are a bazillion answers. I think one is by indulging our other creative talents.  Yeaph. OTHER creative talents. Authors are very creative people. Think about all the other talents you have and how those creative outlets can nourish your writing.  
Here are a few.
Sewing. BTW I hear it’s coming back as a thing.
Knitting and crocheting.
Setting a proper table is now considered an art. Ha! I giggled when I saw a Facebook post about setting a table and there was no place for the cell phone.
Family wrangling. 
Cooking. Look at all the TV cooking shows.
Painting as in, on a canvas and the walls.  
Giving Parties.
Yeah. I hear you asking what these creative endeavors have to do with writing.  When you begin writing a new book you write a synopsis. Make a plan. Develop a structure or a pattern.  Look at the talents I mentioned above. How many need a plan, a pattern?
When sketching a face you start with the basic features everyone has, head shape, jaw, ears, nose eyes. But, it is how we shape those features that makes the face unique. Take sewing a dress. You begin with a pattern. Each one has an opening for the head and sleeves, but think of the creative possibilities in achieving the finished product. Same with a book. Plot, setting, characters, conflict, goals motivation, and so on.  
When you begin to write every word inside you doesn’t rush out like a water fall onto the page at once. It’s like knitting and crocheting. One stitch/word at a time culminating in this great design/book.
I believe spending a few hours, minutes, a week with your other talents can help feed the writing beast. As for me, I’m sketching again. Drawing my characters. Although I have to admit I sometimes use the Flash Face app to get the basics. I color in the big girl books. I click the knitting needles and crochet with basic stitches. Garden. My chain saw skill is getting better. A new design, other than out of control jungle, is emerging in the back yard. New skeeter repellant recipes are being tested and I write.    
What are your other creative talents? Take one of yours and examine it for similarities with writing.
Do you think enjoying all your creative venues can help keep the joy in your writing?

What are yours?


Cathy Perkins said...

I love how "other" creative outlets recharge the well. While planning our new house (hmm, continuing your theme, every house has doors, windows and walls...) has been exciting and more than a little stressful, it has been a wonderful break from focusing just on writing. That said, I'm so looking forward to getting settled into our new place and having time to paint (and sew - yes, I love it) and all those other outlets that bring joy.

Rita said...

Well Cathy, I'd say you are doing mighty fine keeping up with the 'other' creative outlets. Good job, lady.

jean harrington said...

My other creative outlets, Rita? Here's a partial list:
Making beds
Cleaning toilets
Stacking P & J sandwiches that don't leak
Applying lipstick perfectly.(Nothing on the teeth)
Taking out the trash
Pouring wine into exquisite glasses
Drinking it.

I could go on, but I know you get the drift. And BTW, loved the question.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Knitting. Definitely knitting. Crafting a well-heeled sock brings me a great deal of pleasure. I'm sure it brings down my blood pressure, too.

Rita said...

Snort! Jean You and I need to get together so you can teach me to pour wine.

Rita said...

I like to knit Marcelle but I do it very badly.

Anne Marie Becker said...

I used to oil paint. I also did needlework and knitting (very basic stuff, though). Since having kids, however, I haven't had time (or energy), it seems, to do those things. I suppose cooking could be considered my other creative hobby, but it's more of a necessity. LOL Oh, and LEGOs! I love LEGOs. :)

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