Why Yes, I Did Write That Book...

Most of what I write leans toward the erotic edge of the spectrum. Which is perfectly acceptable, especially in the community of romance authors where I hang out on the web and at writers' conferences. Out there in my conservative neighborhood and work-a-day world, however, it's a whole different kettle of fish!

A while back I wrote three connected stories about brothers who ran a detective agency that catered to the rich and famous, the sort of clients who needed discreet security and were willing to pay top dollar for it. Being that the books were all erotic romantic suspense, I gave the brothers the last name of 'Long' and called their company 'Long Shot Detective Agency.'

My editor came up with a series title of Long and Hard, which I loved. When she told me a year or so later later that the publisher planned to release the collection in print, I was excited.

Everything was fine until release day. When I was sitting in a room full of non-writing people. And one of those people who happened to be one of my Facebook friends as well said from across the room, "Congratulations on your book release today."

I sat up a little straighter. No one else in the room even knew I was a writer. I muttered a thanks under my breath.

"You wrote a book?" someone asked from a far corner.

A middle-aged man next to me inquired about the title. Heat raced up my spine. There were at least thirty people staring at me now. My mouth grew dry. "Long and Hard," I said quietly.

"What?" a few people asked.

To hell with it, I thought. Yes, I wrote that book, and many more. And yes, it's erotic. And it already has good reviews. So why shouldn't I be proud. I sat up taller and squared my shoulders. "Long and Hard," I said louder.

A few people chuckled, most were silent. Within seconds, they'd gone on to another topic. No one suggested that they form a mob to stone me or that I be ex-communicated from the group. Not one person even gave me a dirty stare.

After the meeting, several of the attendees pulled me aside to inquire about where they could get my book. And I'd gained some new readers.

I learned a lesson that day about owning up to what I write, and who I am. I'm proud of what I do. So what that my prose are explicit and my characters engage in pretty smutty behavior. Lots of folks like to read about it.

So yeah, I did write that book. And yes - it's damn hot!


Rita said…
Woot! Congrats on the new release and the new readers.
It looks damn hot! I don't write erotic and still have trouble sometimes telling people what I write. Luckily, most of them have been intrigued when they find out. Looks like a great series - congrats!
Wynter said…
Thanks, Rita.

We should stand up and be proud, Anne Marie!
Marcelle Dubé said…
It's sad that you're so shy, Wynter... :-) Congrats on the release!
Elise Warner said…
Love happy endings. Congratulations on the release and your new readers."Hey. You never know."
Toni Anderson said…
Now that looks like a sexy read. You write wonderful stories, Wynter! Be proud!!
That is a fantastic story, Wynter! You go girl! I'm always proud of you.
Wynter said…
Yes, shyness is an issue for me, Marcelle ;-)

Thanks, Elise.
Wynter said…
Thank you, Toni. Proud I am!

Thanks, Maureen. I love your books, too!
Clare London said…
Good for you! I think we're too ready to judge ourselves by others' opinions, we should always be proud of ourselves in the very first place :)

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