Plainville Police Department Report

Case #: 012242010-000467

Date: December 24, 2010

Incident Time: 23:15

Assisting Officers:
Officer Jack Frosty; Officer Cindy Lou Who

Officers were directed to the scene by 911 call.
Victim female, age 68. Found on front lawn outside 222 Mistletoe Avenue. DOA. Marks present on forehead; consistent with deer hoof track visible near body. (see photo exhibit 7)
Witness #1, GRANDPA, claims victim drank eggnog in quantity before she left house. (Toxicology report ordered.)
Witness #2, GRANDSON, claims victim left house seeking medications.
Witness #3 UNCLE MEL, claims heard sound of sleigh bells and voice calling, "Ho, Ho-no!"

Reporting Clerk: Officer J. Wachowski, author "In Plain View"


Wynter Daniels said…
Very cute! And I love the photo - perfect for "the crime."
Toni Anderson said…
Very funny :) Merry Christmas.

Poor Grandma!!
Marcelle Dubé said…
And a ho ho ho to you, too! Merry Christmas!
Julie Moffett said…
Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho!! Have a great Christmas!!
J Wachowski said…
Who here doesn't have Crime Scene tape laying around the house?
I know you dooooo....

Merry Merry Everyone!
Elise Warner said…
Ha Ha Ha - Loved your post. I think grandma died happy.
MaureenAMiller said…
Great post! Merry Christmas!
Clare London said…
Happy Christmas!

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