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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas can be murder

At least it can be in this house. There are so many conflicting pressures on parents (and normal people): financial, social, family, time. It is easy to forget the joy and succumb to the oh-my-gawd-the-turkey-isn’t-big-enough or running-out-of-paper-with-4-inches-of-Santa’s-gifts-left-to-wrap

But what I love about Christmas is not the madness or the electronic noise, it’s keeping up the traditions or creating new ones. It’s the smell of the turkey roasting in the oven. It’s prepping the sprouts and potatoes on Christmas Eve and feeling like you have everything under control. It’s leaving out mince tarts, sherry and carrots for Santa and his Reindeer. It’s going sledding on Christmas Eve with friends and having sherry with breakfast on Christmas Morning. It’s remembering all the people you’ve loved and all the history of your life and passing on as many happy memories to your kids as you can.

Christmas can be murder but I LOVE it.

Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. 

Please tell me what’s special about your holiday traditions and I'll gift a copy of one of my ebooks (SEA OF SUSPICION or STORM WARNING) to one of the luck commentators. Your choice! 


Julie Moffett said...

Okay, commenting with an ulterior motive!! I'd love to win one of your ebooks!! :)

However, in terms of Christmas traditions -- I love how we open just ONE present on Christmas Eve, go to the candlelight mass, and have sweet treats for breakfast such as donuts and coffee cake! Of course, with a toddler in the house, leaving Christmas cookies that we baked and frosted ourselves for Santa and carrots for the reindeer is a must!!

Marcelle Dubé said...

I'm with Julie on the ulterior motive!

For me, growing up, the Christmas stocking was the best treat. See, the "stocking" was half of a pair of pantyhose, so there was lots of stretch. It was filled with all kinds of little things, like combs, nuts, oranges, and best of all, books! And it would appear as if by magic at the foot of our beds so that when we woke up (early) on Christmas morning, we'd spend an hour easily on working our way through the knots (oh yes, there were knots) and comparing notes on the goodies.

Devious parents. That gave them an hour more sleep.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

I posted about traditions on my Livejournal yesterday! I think my favourite one out of the ones I mentioned there is the carols around the village green, mainly because it's the only time all year that I see some of the people I grew up with.

Toni Anderson said...

Good morning! I forgot the other tradition in this house--a major appliance breaking down! My dishwasher is in pieces across the kitchen floor. I have a leaking hot water pipe and a very grubby hubby off Home Depot on his first day off! If it was just the dishwasher I'd ignore it, but hard to ignore all that water!

Cindy said...

My 7 yr old son had to do a report on our family traditions. The one that stood out for him the most was that we make bacon, egg and cheese biscuits on Christmas morning. ;)

Toni Anderson said...

Julie--I like the Christmas Eve tradition of opening a present though we've never done it.
Marcelle--I like the stocking idea. Would my kids have the patience to work the knot? I wonder? :)
Stevie-Carroll, I love carolers. Don't see many in Canada--at least I haven't. Lovely description of the scene.

Toni Anderson said...

Cindy--now I'm hungry! Kids are funny :)

J Wachowski said...

I also love the whole holiday tradition thing.

Last year, we had our usual family b-fast with stockings and then settled in to watch 3 new DVDs. I made a HUGE bowl of popcorn and
I don't think any of us got out of our pj's all day. Both the kids asked me if this year we could have "movie Christmas."

That's how traditions are born!

Elise Warner said...

I love seeing the people I pass in the street, shops and groceries smile, laugh and greet people they've never met before. A tradition of love. Toni-I never heard of leaving carrots for Santa before. How did that originate?

Toni Anderson said...

I don't know, Elise--we've always left them for the reindeer :)

Toni Anderson said...

Jules--that sounds like an excellent Christmas tradition :)

Clare London said...

Happy Christmas Toni and everyone!
(this is my 2nd attempt, Blogger ate my first entry *grr*).

One of my favourite traditions is dressing the tree. each bauble has some memory, like where we got it, who gifted it to us, how old the Sons were when it first arrived on the tree. They all grumble about helping me get the decorations ready for Xmas, but they love it really - it's lovely to see it all take shape :).

PS my word verification was PUREHL - that's how I'd describe my net connection today LOL.

Shirley Wells said...

In the weeks beforehand, Christmas totally stresses me out. Then Christmas Eve arrives and I realise just how I much I love it.

I love all the traditions - opening one present on Christmas Eve, finding a stocking left by Santa, the carol singers, taking the dogs for a long walk late on Christmas Eve(ning) and sharing festive greetings with strangers. Love it!

Happy Christmas, Toni!

Toni Anderson said...

Thanks for all the comments and Happy Christmas to you all too!

My son picked a winner...
CLARE LONDON :) Whoot!!!

Clare let me know which book you'd like :)

Hugs everyone, Toni.XXX

Clare London said...

Thanks so much Toni (and your son!)! I've just dragged myself from yet another post-xmas nap to find the good news and I'm emailing you right now :).

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