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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I got sick!

We’re all so busy these days. Everyone I speak to complains of not having enough hours in the day. Sometimes it feels as if we run all day and get nowhere. As a writer, my mind is a constant chant of “I must do this, I must do that, I need to get this finished, I need to complete that…”. 

Apart from the obvious, like a decent daily quota of words to be written, there’s research to be done, blog posts to write, emails to reply to, sales figures to check (I know, I know), Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads to check out, accounts to be thought about, more blog posts to write, a website to update, more emails to answer - the list seems never ending. Apart from that lot, there are dogs to walk, groceries to buy, food to prepare, house to clean, bills to pay, car to service and so on. 

Other people have far more to deal with, like children to take care of, day jobs to cope with, and aging parents to care for. We're too busy. I'm always muttering "Busy, busy, busy..."

Then one day, I got sick. I went to bed feeling fine, my head full of what needed doing the next day, and I woke up feeling like death. I got out of bed, had a drink of water, and promptly returned to my bed and stayed there all day. I did the same the next day.

And guess what? Nothing happened. Truly. The world didn’t stop turning. My computer didn’t die from lack of use. Thunderbolts didn’t fall from the sky. No one starved. The dogs didn’t die. The house looks no worse than usual. Nothing happened.

Now that I’m back in the land of the living, I’ve decided that once a month, I’m going to have two pretend sick days. I won’t take to my bed, that would be far too boring, but I’m going to give myself permission to do nothing but please myself. After all, I know that the world won't  end.

What about you? I’m not wishing illness on any of you, but are you busy, busy, busy? Do you think you might benefit from a couple of pretend sick days now and again?


Maureen A. Miller said...

Oh dear, I hope you feel better, Petunia.

I worry everyday that something is going to happen to me and I am going to have a herd of angry authors chasing me down with torches in their hands. Okay, maybe that was a nightmare last night after some bad Mexican food.

Actually, if I keep eating the bad Mexican food I may end up with those 2 real sick days. :)

So glad you are back and healthy. As are the dogs. :)

Shirley Wells said...

Gladys, I hope other people are cooking that Mexican food. ;)

We don't want real sick days but I think a couple of pretend ones would be great. Cocktails by the pool?

Elise Warner said...

Hope you are feeling better. Lately, I've felt like a juggler trying to keep a dozen balls in the air. I may take your advice, stretch my legs out and dream about the Amalfi Coast.

Shirley Wells said...

I am, thanks, Elise. Yes, stretch out those legs and dream. :)

Wendy Soliman said...

I'm so with you, Shirley. I've almost given up on blogging, ignore FB, tweet a couple of times a day maximum and simply get on with writing. I've just self-published for the first time. The book isn't even on my website yet, I've promoted it nowhere and it's selling just fine. Makes you wonder if all the stuff we do actually makes a difference.

Hope you feel better.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Very timely post for me, Shirley. This past year, it seems I've developed this chant in the back of my head. "I can't keep up, I can't keep up." It brings out the anxious side of me. Just too much going on. So, rather than drown, I'm trying to focus my time better, and to carve out a piece of that for myself. It doesn't always work, but at least I put myself first once in a while. :)

Glad you're feeling better!

Shirley Wells said...

Wow, Wendy, it does make you wonder, doesn't it? Delighted to hear it's selling well, especially without you needing to do a ton of promotional work. That's great news!

Shirley Wells said...

So wise, Anne Marie. That constant chant drives you crazy after a while, doesn't it? We must make time to smell the roses - and put ourselves first. :)

Marcelle Dubé said...

Oh, Shirley. Clearly I'm older and wiser than you... I decided some time ago to just focus on the important stuff. The web site gets updated whenever. Same with Facebook. I tweet when I feel like it. Promotion? No good at it so why bother. I work for wages full time, so when I get home, I focus on getting my words in. Anything else is bonus.

Glad you're better, and by all means, take some pretend days off if they will help keep you sane. :-)

Rita said...

In the past months I looked around and quit doing a lot of things. I have days I go off the grid. I feel so much better. Hope you feel better lady.

Dee J. said...

Okay, where do I sign up for this time off? I have become stuck in the skittering rat race of it all and I'd like to get off now. LOL. I need to take a lesson from you! I just need someone to police me to make sure I do it. Yeah, right...

Shirley Wells said...

Marcelle, I suspect you're merely wiser than me. ;) I'm no good at the whole promotion thing either. Every time I attempt it, I hear my mother's voice telling me to stop showing off. :)

Rita, good for you for going off the grid. It does make you feel better, doesn't it? I'm all for it!

Dee J, just go. Take a couple of days away from the rat race. Nothing bad will happen, I promise. You'll return rejuvenated. :)

Mike Keyton said...

I'm feeling much like that now. 'Death warmed up' as my mother used to say. But great advice - be interesting to see how long you stick to it though : )

Clare London said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon! But despite that it's a very entertaining post - and with that little hint of mischief that makes me realise I REALLY need that sick/rest day - or three :)

Shirley Wells said...

Mike, you're doing it all wrong. They're supposed to be "pretend" sick days. Seriously, I hope you're soon recovered. I say "death warmed up" too. Such an apt description. :) Yes, as you say, sticking to it will be the test. I'm feeling very determined though!

Clare, I'm better, thanks. Yes, you definitely need to take a few of my sick days. They're great fun. ;)

Toni Anderson said...

Shirley--I think this is a great realization. Hubs was away last week and so I stopped cleaning. We all survived although this weekend it definitely needs cleaning! But it's all about prioritizing and you have to take some time off to smell the roses and recharge the batteries. Hope you feel better again now!

Shirley Wells said...

I'm better, thanks, Toni. Yes, we all need to take time off. As for cleaning, lol, I often stop cleaning. :)

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