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Monday, May 6, 2013

Hidden Talents

I've always had a bit of a split personalty. Oddly, growing up I was evenly divided between the schools of art and science (not an uncommon phenomenon but a shame that we are forced to choose between them at such a young age). How I ended up as a writer, I don't know :)

So, knowing my NYUS peeps are equally amazing outside of writing, I thought I'd showcase a few of our hidden talents :)

The amazing J Wachowski studied film in college. She says she drives her family crazy waiting to finish framing something just right…

 The lovely Elise Warner dabbles in with paints--I love the freshness and vibrancy of this picture!
 The very talented Cathy Perkins creates something I've always admired--fused glass!
This is a before with layers of glass and burn out fiber...
 This shows the fused piece although not the full 3D glory or iridescence
 And another piece--(my favorite!) displayed on her hubby's homemade table!

Clare London is a woman of many talents from making Barbie doll clothes to glass painting, but here is an example of one of the scrapbooks she's made for a fellow author's birthday. What a great idea!

Okay, okay! Here's some of my stuff--Toni Anderson. I don't have much on the walls or at home, I tend to give everything away :) I did this pastel for my hubby years ago :) You're going to figure out we're fishy people, if you didn't already know.

 Here are two seascapes I did last summer (after a few years gap). They aren't really finished yet but rather 'works-in-progress'.

And one more passion I have is gluing stuff to mirrors :) I should have been a hippy!
 So--thanks for my amazingly talented NYUS writers for sharing another part of their lives with us! What do you think? Should we give up the day jobs?


Marcelle Dubé said...

Wow! I am so impressed at the level and variety of talents on display here. Fabulous writers AND fabulous artists. Thanks for sharing, Toni. Great idea!

My other creative outlet is knitting. Need socks or baby booties? I'm your gal.

Elise Warner said...

Most artists whether a writer, performer or painter, have other talents though they may not be as strong with their secondary choice. When it comes to writing, I feel I have to be the best that I can be, with a painting--I just relax (painting is a hobby for me.)

Toni Anderson said...

OMG, Marcelle, knitting is such a talent (I include gardening on my resume too :))

Toni Anderson said...

Elise--I haven't got to the relaxed stage with painting. I do with my driftwood and shell things though. They are pure enjoyment :)I love your painting.

Anne Marie Becker said...

I love these! Such a talented group of women. ;)

I couldn't get you a pic because I was at RT last week and just got home, but I dabble in oil painting as well as knitting and candle wicking. But I haven't done those things in time! LOL

I find it interesting how writers are creative "inside the brain" with words, but also enjoy the visual arts. But then, stories are like paintings inside our brains. Word paintings. Hmmm...

Wendy Soliman said...

I now feel totally inadequate. I can't do anything like that. Sigh! However, I'm also deeply impressed. I can knit and crochet. In fact when I got married first time around in the seventies, I crocheted my going away outfit. Fortunately no photos endure!

Cathy Perkins said...

I wonder if all of us find creative outlets to supplement the writing. My CP says the work she's doing for a charity (the work starts early on those Christmas functions!) is feeding her itch to write. Something about feeding the inner artist/child :)

I've always loved dabbling - drawing, watercolor, gardening, costumes, slowly getting back into photography (Love J's photo!). The glass work is fun because you never know what's going to come out of the kiln - and it's easy to give away.

Wynter Daniels said...

Wow - I'm so impressed with the talent here - aside from the awesome writing talent!

Ana Barrons said...

Wow, you guys are amazing! Toni, I love the fishes -- I love watercolors. My heroines are often artists, and one is a watercolorist (the heroine in the book I'm trying to finish). I started out with art but somewhere along the way words took over. Not complaining but seeing everyone's work is making me itch to sit down with a sketchbook..

Dee J. said...

I'm feeling half as talented as I used to. LOL. Very impressed with all the artisticness! I not only can't draw a straight line, but I can't draw a circle either. Nice job, ladies.

Julie Moffett said...

I'm in awe of all of your talent guys! Wonderful. Great idea for a post, Toni!!

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