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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Let's Get Cozy

Let's get cozy!

Why not?

When people find out I’m a writer and ask me what genre. I respond with cozy mystery. You can probably guess the next question. Cozy? What is a cozy?

Trust me, I’ve been around long enough (26 novels) to know that cozy mystery genre doesn’t get the same hats off, Baptist nod, and thumbs up that thriller mystery or even just mystery writers get.

And if it’s not bad enough, I have to tell them that I write cozy mystery. That really gets the quizzical looks that make me feels as if I have two heads.

My explanation generally goes like this:

Cozy mystery is kinda just that. Cozy. More along the lines of Murder She Wrote where the sleuth of my novels has a job that is in a craft or a special talent. She stumbles on a murder that is somehow tied to her life and she has to solve the murder/crime on her own.

There is no blood, guts, or gore and cozies are centered on the sleuth’s craft or gift. In my case with Cold Blooded Brew, the sleuth is a young woman who lives in a small gossip town of Honey Springs. She owns a fun little coffee shop called The Bean Hive.

Somehow she always gets involved in a murder and uses her gift of gab, her former life as a lawyer and a little gossip from the quirky secondary characters to help solve the crime.

Cozies have relatable characters set in small towns with a cozy setting. Even though romance takes a back seat in the mystery, there is still a love interest to sweeten the pot.

By the time I’ve given my spiel, the person who asked me about what a cozy was, is spouting off movies or television shows that fit the cozy mystery genre.

What do you love about cozy mysteries?

Cold Blooded Brew
A Killer Coffee cozy mystery Book 4 
Small town, animals, coffee, food, a smidgen of romance and a dash of mystery, you're going to love this coffeehouse mystery series.

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1 comment:

Joan Varner said...

I like the feeling community within cozy mysteries. I also enjoy getting to know not only the main characters but the secondary characters, too.

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