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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Romance Me

Love is a powerful force. Romantic love has been the topic of endless songs, poems, stories and plays for as long as mankind can remember. It’s that combination of love and romance that spurs us on our journey to achieve enduring and loving relationships.

I’m a hopeless romantic. One of my favorite films is Casablanca, but I love Romancing the Stone, When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, and many others with a similar feel-good romance. I love romances of all genres because I like becoming invested in the character’s lives. I’m intrigued by the passion and feelings that happen to us when we’re falling for someone. Sometimes it’s a hard, breathless fall where you dive in headfirst, and other times it’s a slow burn of friendship that turns into something more. Regardless of how you move into romantic love, the start of a new romance is a celebration of many moments, including those that are tender, exciting, sexy and even endearingly awkward.

Love can be temperamental and fierce, as many of us know. But romance in its purest form, is uplifting and pleasurable—something that rescues us from the routine of everyday life and the isolation we may feel when we’re alone. Having said that, and remembering that Valentine's Day is next week, here are some things that represent the power of romance to me.

(1)  Time. When your partner gives you time—clears his/her schedule to be with you—that’s romantic. It means you matter. That is powerful.
(2)  Attention. When your partner spends that time with you. Not with a project in the garage, watching the ballgame or catching a movie with friends. Romance is when the attention is on you, the partner.
(3) Consideration. Being considerate of someone’s time and responsibilities is important in a romance. Splitting chores, helping where needed, cooking a meal together and sharing a burden (physical or emotional), is romantic in my book.
(4)  Kindness/Tenderness. Kindness/tenderness is special and romantic. A person with a kind heart is a good person. Rest assured, you, too, will be the beneficiary of this tenderness. Kindness can go a long way in changing a mood or even a life.
(5)  Respect. I respect you as a person, and I expect the same from you. When you share a romance someone and are respectful of their differences and quirks, you are reinforcing their worth and uniqueness, and reflecting it back to them. This is perhaps the most powerful element of romance.

So, what represents the power of romance to you? J

Julie Moffett is a bestselling author and writes in the genres of mystery, young adult, historical romance, and paranormal romance. She is the author of the geeky, fun Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series and the new young adult series called White Knights. Get more information about her books at


Sandy Parks said...

A thoughtful rendering of what love is really particular mature love. I love it when an author uses those actions in a subtle way. It makes the romantic relationship in any genre book stronger. A great lead-in to Valentines day, too. Reminds me I need to get planning for the day.

Nico Rosso said...

These are great thoughts, Julie. As big as our stories get, it all boils down to these simple, and very real, connections between people.

Anonymous said...

That’s the way love changes hearts. A steady stream of mutual adoration and appreciation, builds trust, tenderness and loyalty as well as improving the va-va-voom! A good reminder Julie, of how to love our loved one. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

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