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Monday, January 8, 2018

Gratitude is the year's ATTITUDE! 2018 Murder Mystery Reader Event!

When I opened my email from Gabby Bernstein, a spirit junkie leader,  the word “gratitude”  was written in the subject, I knew it was something I was definitely going to be participating in.

I’m not surprised that it came at this time of the year since it is the gratitude season, but it seems to be the easiest time of year to say it.

If you think about gratitude, what comes to your mind? I’m sure it’s different than what comes to my mind. Most readers don’t realize that you are the center of my world.

Of course I love creating all sorts of stories in my head and writing them down, but I never dreamed that anyone other than my own mother would want to read them.

It wasn’t until my husband looked at one of my favorite author’s novel did he inform me that he knew I could write one of those.

With those few words of encouragement, I began writing that night on what turned out to be a novel that would never see the light of day. Through persistence and thick skin, I finally was able to get my first novel, Carpe Bead ‘em, published.

If only one person bought that novel, I had fulfilled my dream of publishing. This made me a real author! And not only did one person buy it, over ten-thousand copies have been sold in the five short months Carpe Bead ‘em has been out. Quickly it shot to the bestsellers list and beyond.

I was beyond filled up with gratitude. You see, it’s not about money to me. I have and education degree that I love and can always go back to teaching. It’s about connecting with readers and forming relationships with them. I have met my readers at conferences, for dinner, for dessert, and weekend retreats.

My gratitude is you, the reader.

You have a busy life just like me, I know~I have four  boys all in college now. And in today’s crazy world you take time out of your day to sit down and make time for my made up stories. This blows me away! And you make me a better writer! I write about family, love, and emotions. I take you on a journey that I hope fills you up with gratitude as much as I’m filled up by you.

I LOVE to connect with my readers!! Please send me your questions to where I answer reader’s questions via video! It’s so fun!! Also be sure to connect with me on my FREE Facebook page in our Cozy Krew Community.

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Enjoy your visit in Cottonwood!
Bless your heart! 


The two dames, cozy mystery authors Duffy Brown and Tonya Kappes Books, invite you for a weekend of murder and mystery...sorta....

Join us October 12-13 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The weekend will kick off with a fun pizza party and mystery right at the hotel. The next morning, we'll enjoy a coffee and breakfast at the complimentary hotel bar before we are off to the Star of Knoxville Riverboat.

Boarding the riverboat at 12:30 PM EST and cruise at 1:00 PM EST. On the cruise, you'll be served an amazing southern style dinner (or as nonsoutherners call it lunch), while participating in a murder mystery theater event where you might be the killer or worse...the victim!

Also while on the cruise, you'll be able to purchase books by Tonya and Duffy.

Sadly, the weekend will end after the cruise. BUT don't fear...Duffy and Tonya are working on another TRAIN for 2019, unless Tonya can find an airplane for cheap because she's been spouting Two Dames take it to the land, sea and air!

REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 1ST, 2018!! $50/person + hotel.

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Nova said...

wish you & your family all the best for this new year. hopefully will see you at an event this year!
keep writing your books & we will keep reading them.

Julie Moffett said...

I love this story!! oxoxox said...

Tonya, a thoroughly enjoyable post. I would love to see you and all the NYUS bloggers at an event this year. Even an event without wine, chocolate or men would be great!

Sandy Parks said...

It is so true how amazing it is for an author to hear that a reader has enjoy one of their stories. We live with our characters and their life and love to share them with others. Thanks for the blog and have fun at the 2018 Mystery event.

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