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Monday, July 3, 2017

Celebrating Independence

In the United States, July Fourth is also known as Independence Day, the holiday when we celebrate our nation’s freedom and all that comes with it. So in today's blog, I’d like to reflect on the importance and blessings freedom brings all of us around the globe. And I'd especially like to express my appreciation via food. ;)

Typically in the United States, July Fourth is celebrated with family, barbecues, picnics, getting outdoors or playing on the lake, and town parades. The food portion of this celebration often includes cold watermelon, grilled burgers and hot dogs, and various casseroles and cakes. Oh, and let's not forget the cocktails!
Photo courtesy of the blog.

My sister celebrates with a red-white-and-blue mojito. Click here for the recipe. It has to be healthy with all of those berries, right?!

Calico Beans - Photo courtesy
My father's family has a lake house in Michigan. While we lived many miles away in Texas, we occasionally got back to celebrate with Grandma and a couple dozen aunts, uncles, and cousins for a week during the summer. Whenever we did, my aunts made a delicious casserole called "Calico Beans." Here's a link to the recipe.

Just thinking about those summer days at the lake conjures memories of fireflies and fireworks (which they shot off right over the hill behind the lake house), waterskiing and canoeing, and playing dominoes or cards with my aunts and uncles. It was a tiny house with one bedroom and one bathroom (no shower or bath), and we all slept on the floor, but it was always filled with warmth and love—the perfect way to celebrate the blessings freedom brings.

As my kids discover a love for cooking and baking, I'm always on the hunt for new, fun recipes.  A "4th of July S'Mores" recipe from came across my Facebook feed last week, and so of course we have to try it! After we enjoy some BBQ'd burgers and hot dogs. ;)

This year, we hope to continue the family Fourth of July traditions with food and cocktails, relaxation and grilling, and pausing to reflect on the blessings of freedom. I am so grateful I live where I do, and am blessed that others fought for that freedom.

Happy Fourth of July to all! May your celebrations be safe (and yummy)!

If you’re not in the U.S. (and I know many of you read our blog from around the world), what is an equivalent holiday or celebration in your country? Tell me the story behind your independence. (And feel free to share a recipe!)


jean harrington said...

Anne Marie, I love this post celebrating our beautiful (if currently troubled) nation. Thank you for reminding me of all I have to be grateful for.

Toni Anderson said...

Lovely post! Yummy food :)
Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

Anne Marie Becker said...

Thank you for stopping by, Jean & Toni! So very grateful for my NYUS friends, too. ;)

Maureen A. Miller said...

I am craving the red, white, and blue Mojito! Definitely healthy. Happy 4th!

Anne Marie Becker said...

I'm with you, Maureen! :D

Dee J. said...

Happy 4th, Anne Marie! You've made me hungry! And thirsty! Haha!

Elise Warner said...

Someone pass me a Mojito. Anne Marie, you've made us all so hungry and thirsty. Hurrah for the 4th of July.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Happy 4th of July! May your hunger be satisfied and your thirst be quenched, Dee J. & Elise! ;)

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