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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On Being Healthy

This kinda ties in with Anne’s post about being healthier. I find I’m not able to separate my mental/emotional and physical health. They seem to be all blended together in an industrial sized Ninja. When I feel bad physically, emotionally I’m not so hot. I feel better physically this time of year because I have no allergy or asthma problems. I can get out and about easier and my sense of smell returns. Then about the third week of January it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Why? Where I live in Florida the pollen starts. Cedar first, then pine, the three different kinds of oak. And last, but not least, the palm pollen. It would be nice if they all did it at once, but noooo. They take turns. On occasion it has been so bad I see greenish yellow clouds drift by. Cars left out are covered each morning. Black cars glow eerily. Some years I am more sensitive to the pollen than others. Better living through modern chemistry is not an option for me as I’m super sensitive to many medications. Being outside just a few minutes can do me in. I can’t go out to walk and if I don’t walk I gain weight. No exercise and excess weight effects lung efficiency. If I don’t walk… Gah. It becomes a vicious cycle.
Since the first of December I’ve been working on the whole me feel better package. To get started on a feel better path I joined a group of like-minded people, (Eeep. I hate the image that conveys. Like I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. I’m not. I can’t have sugar) walking, and in hopes of reining in the allergies, eating differently. No, I still use utensils to take food from the plate to my mouth. I’m eating things that are supposed to be healthier.  I take local honey every day. And bee pollen. How they get bees to give up their pollen is still a mystery to me.
I do my best to eliminate grain from my diet as it causes joint inflammation. Yeah. Eliminating grain is not for sissies. No wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn or any products made from them. That includes some adult beverages. Sigh. 
Can only have grass fed beef. Sure. I’ll be getting a steak out of lay away in a couple of weeks. Organic chicken. I have to say I can taste the difference. I make a killer turkey meat loaf using the wild rice I can eat instead of bread crumbs. I’m one of those people who loves Brussel sprouts. And kale? Gotta say I love it also. In salads, mixed with quinoa, stir fried with crispy bacon pieces and hard boiled eggs.   
                                                In a soup with garbanzo beans. 

Speaking of beans have you had a black bean burger?  
Guess I'll find out if this helps with the allergies soon enough. I can say I'm enjoying my more varied menu.   
Hope this wasn’t too much TMI. Bottom line is, this year I’m hoping I’ll get relief from allergies without having to wear a rebreather each time I go outside.  If you have health challenges what are the things you do?
Be well.
Rita write suspense/thrillers and short stories. Visit her web home here 


Anne Marie Becker said...

As you know, I'm going through some minor (hopefully!) health stuff, too, Rita, and I'm feeling the same hopefulness...that maybe I'll figure out the root cause and be able to make 2017 a much healthier year, overall. For me, diet changes are lifestyle changes, and that's so tough. I'm trying, though! I did really well last summer and fall, when I could walk. The streets are icy now, but I'm hoping that I can develop an indoor exercise plan and eventually get back to walking. Good luck (to us both). ;)

Rita said...

I think changing diet is very difficult with a family. For me right now walking is the best for me. I would love to be able to do junping-jacks again. Slow and sure wins the race I'm told. We can get there.

Cathy Perkins said...

I'm on the eternal quest for the perfect black bean burger. There was a restaurant in Columbia that made the BEST ones - so bummed to discover (when I went back to visit friends this fall) the restaurant closed.

Hope 2017 is healthy for everyone!

Rita said...

Cathy I like mine but I've had betted. It was my lunch yesterday and I burned it - big time. Ugg.

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