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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


So, anyone who is a Facebook friend knows I'm going through my own version of mini hell. We (we--ha! Sure it was 'we' *side-eyes husband*) decided to gut the kitchen, AND, because the kitchen and my office are kind of connected, do that too. Considering we're getting electrics and plumbing upgraded, and extra insulation, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. (FYI if moaning were an Olympic sport, I'd be on the podium). Plus, I get a door between my office and the kitchen which will rock although I am still connected to the rest of the house via a big open archway. Anyway, why is this relevant to this blog?

Because...I'm sadly lacking in blog material. Yes, I've been writing. No, I'm still not really ready to talk about that project even though I hope to publish it in May :)

What I DO have is a sixteen-year-old daughter who just shared with me the coolest app for your phone or tablet :)

Boomerang (for Instagram)

I want you to download it and thank me later. As a woman with procrastination on her mind this is a killer :) Enjoy. And, you're welcome! Seriously :)

Say 'Hello' to Holly

and, see, in Canada we still have snow!

Did you like that, Holly?


Am I way behind the curve? Is this old news to you guys??


jean harrington said...

Old news, Toni? Hell, no, it's rocket science!

Maureen A. Miller said...

I find the open archway to the rest of your house completely relevant to this blog. :)

You can gaze out upon "all the usual suspects." :)

Anne Marie Becker said...

Hang in there, Toni! Sounds like you're close to the finish line (both with the home improvements and the top secret project. :D)

Hadn't heard of Boomerang, but I don't get to play much on Instagram. My daughter does, though. I'll have to have her help me check it out. LOL

Toni Anderson said...

I hope you guys can see the videos. They didn't come through on my iPad lol. Irony! It's a fab app :) Good for Facebook too.

Marcelle Dubé said...

So... an app... that's the fancy doodad thing you use on your smarty-pants phone, right? :-) I still use a flip phone, so this is all news to me. And if it'll make you feel better, we're expecting two centimetres of snow tomorrow. Of course, this *is* the Yukon...

kathryn jane said...

I'm with Marcelle Dube, I still have a flip phone, so no boomerang for me.

But, I'm also in Canada, and we had a sunny warm afternoon, and we're going to have record highs by the end of the week :)

Can't wait to see the "after" photos!

Toni Anderson said...

Marcelle and Kathryn--I also only have a crappy flip phone LOL. But I have an iPad mini which is what I use for this stuff :)

Oh, boy, the almanac predicted Winnipeg would have a 'psycho' winter. I thought they meant cold, but it's just up and down and up and down. We've thawed three times already. Go, Canada!

Rita said...

I work very hard to stay behind the times and doing a dang good job of it.

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