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Friday, December 26, 2014

A Most Wonderful Holiday.

Had a most wonderful holiday. Hope you did also. Spent it with some family and new friends. This next week I will be sooooo enjoying my gift to myself. Binge watching TV series. No commercials and no week long wait between episodes. Yippee.  The first on the list is Downton Abby. Then Call the Midwife with five others waiting in the lineup. I will be de-junking my office as I do this. And, lord there is a lot of junk. Then, as I move to other rooms in the de-junking plan, I’ll be listening to audio books. Some new and some of my favorites. Do not know what I would do without audio books.
My plan is to step into the new year with a bit less crap in my house and perhaps a bit cleaner house. Do you have a plan for the New Year?

                                                        Happy New Year my friends.    


Clare London said...

It's a wonderful ambition Rita, and I'll try and follow your good example! The extra baggage over Xmas always makes me realise afresh how cluttered my life is. A very happy season to you too x

Cathy Perkins said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
Since we plan (hope?) to move later this year, I'm also in major declutter mode, Rita.
Now if I can hear the audio-book over the shredder...

Rita said...

Clare, I LOVE the new picture. I don't know if you have the TV show Hoarders, but you watch a couple of those and it gets you moving to fill trash bags. I'm watching Downton Abbey and I find myself slowing. I do enjoy it so much.

Rita said...

Cathy good idea to get motivated now. Headphones is the key to hearing over shredder.

J Wachowski said...

Rita! That is so funny--exactly what I am doing today. The de-junking of office anyway...haven't gotten to the binge TV watching, but that's happening later.
Got my daughter the Tina Fey book on audio--heard it's well done. May try and sneak it out of her present pile.
Do you think she'll notice if the shrink wrap is off? :)

J Wachowski said...

PS. Rita, having a Downton Abbey Premiere party here at my place Jan 4th. I spent the weeks while I was sick researching for menu ideas.
So...Cocktails are at 6, dinner at 7, show at 8. Feel free to "dress for dinner." Come on by!

Rita said...

OMG! Count me in even though I'll have seen it. This season it the BEST ever!!!!!

jean harrington said...

Happy New Year everybody! And happy and successful writing. See you right here on the 31st!

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