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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


You go to work in your PJs.

GMC means something different than a vehicle.

You buy chocolate in bulk.

You’re at a restaurant brainstorming/plotting and a guy comes to your table, shows you his badge and wants to know who you’re plotting to kill.

You visit the White House only to ask the Secret Service Agents questions.

When you think of Pirates it isn’t the kind that sail the seven seas.

You have conversations with, clothes shop, and cook meals for characters who only exist in your head and in your books. AND… you are shocked to learn not everyone does this.

You spend two days researching something that will occupy less than a paragraph on the page.

You wake in the middle of the night with a plot solution.

You not only ease drop on conversations in public places but you take notes. 

You know how the mind of a serial killer works.

Even more amazing, you understand the mind of a teenager.

You’ve filled two digital reading devices with books and can’t bear to delete any.

You ‘talk’ with writer friends everyday and have never actually met them face to face.

You don’t think, YOU KNOW, NSA is listening in on your calls.

You know what an inciting incident and black moment are.



You know the real name of authors.

The spare bedroom in your home is now the library.

You have a file on your computer titled Hero and Heroine Photos.

You know how to write a bio that makes your very dull life seem exciting.

You read a good book over and over taking notes.

You rewrite movies and books to make them ‘better’. 

You understand time travel.   

You wonder how the heck most news copy editors got and keep their jobs.

You are depressed, think no one will read what you’re writing, and feel crazy at least one day a month.  

You know the location and names of planets in other galaxies authorities have yet to acknowledge.

You know how people dress in those galaxies and the foods they eat.

Someone comes to you and says, “I have this great story about _____. If you write it, I’ll give you half the royalties.”    

You think life is too short to read a bad or boring book.

You call the space you write in your writing cave.



 You know the difference between a romance and love story.

You can quote Jane Austin.

You drink chocolate wine.

You know the names of all the castles in Scotland.

You can identify where a man is from by the plaid in his kilt.

You’ve spent a fortune on books depicting Regency era architecture, dance, and women’s undergarments. 

You are on the Library of Congress, British and Smithsonian Museum web sites researching at least once a week.

You think life is too short to read books with no romance. 

You know a ton isn’t only a measure of weight.

You resist the urge to reach out and touch someone when they use the term ‘bodice ripper’ to describe romance.

You know who Fabio is. 


You get teary when you type “The End”


Something to have fun with today. Please feel free to share any You Might Be a Writer If lines you think of.

Rita writes Thrillers with Military Heroines





jean harrington said...

Enjoyed it, Rita. You touched a chord in me with your comment about rereading good books and taking notes. I'm currently doing that with The Goldfinch. Reading this time for authorial style. It's fabulous. Thanks for the post.

Rita said...

Jean I have not read The Goldfinch. I just put it on my list.

Vanessa Morgan said...

I replied 'yes' on almost all of these questions. I guess writers are all the same :)

Rita said...

Vanessa the same but different. LOL!

J Wachowski said...

Rita...the only one I tripped over was: "resist the urge to reach out and touch someone who uses the words bodice ripper."


Didn't you mean to say strangle, sock, and/or stab with a pointy object? :)

Cathy Perkins said...

I laughed and nodded my way through your lists ~ and agree with you @J Wachiwski!

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