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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some more Where In The World Am I

Hi all. Now that we're back from that short commercial break called Thursday are you ready for the next round of Where in the World Am I? 

I'm sticking to one country so it shouldn't be too hard. 
This is a palace. Can you tell me where? Oh and there are bullet holes in the walls where people were executed during the revolution.

The heart of the city.

What is this dude doing? Cooking Churros
                            Churros con chocolate

The Plaza _________????

This leads to a garden that was featured in the movie Knight and Day.

The Cathedral is where??


J Wachowski said...

Fun! I was totally thinking eastern Europe until I saw the palm tree!

Cuba? Hmmm, doubt they were filming there recently. Mexico City?

And what IS that dude doing? I'm guessing he's producing something alcohol-based. ;)

Ana Barrons said...

I love the photos, but I have no idea where they are and what they're doing. I only know I want to go there! :)

Rita said...

Not Cuba or Mexico -don't do Mexico.
Alcohol based? Nope.

Toni Anderson said...


Rita said...

Yes Miss Toni Spain. Now what cities?

ardent.ereader said...


Rita said...

Ah ardent reader yes Madrid -but not all are. Which ones?

ardent.ereader said...

1. Royal Palace in Madrid
2. Puerta del sol Madrid
3, Making churoros?
4.Plaza Mayor Madrid
5.Entrance into Alcazar gardens Sevilla Spain
6. Santan Marai cathedral Sevilla Spain

ardent.ereader said...

oops cant type today Santa Maria Cathedral

Anne Marie Becker said...

Hmmm... I have no idea what that dude in the picture is doing, but I was going to guess France until I saw someone's note about the palm tree. I've been to Barcelona, which was beautiful. The rest of Spain will have to wait for another day. ;)

Rita said...

Woot! Correctamundo ardent reader!
Yes Churros. A shop in Seville. Churros con chocolate. Sigh. Churros are like donuts. With your churro order comes a bowl of a dark chocolate pudding for you to dip your fried churro into.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Oh my goodness, Rita! I *so* want to go there, now!

ardent.ereader said...

I'd like an order of churro and chocolate pudding too please

Rita said...

the photo of the Puerta del Sol was taken from the balcony of the place we always stayed in Madrid. Hotel Europa. Love that place.

jean harrington said...

So I take it churro is not sausage. Seriously looks like it!

Gorgeous pictures, BTW. They could be in a travelogue.

Elise Warner said...

Haven' been to Spain yet but I did love Cinque Terre. A day trip when seeing Northern Italy. A lovely ex-opera singer brought her granddaughter along who was young, blonde and beautiful. We all had lunch together and the owner of the restaurant kept feeding us extra drinks and dessert to keep the the young lady at the table. He kept saying, "Je t'aime." Thanks for the lovely memories, Rita. Oh, we suggested the ex-opera singer start a new business called Rent a Granddaughter.

Rita said...

Thanks Jean. Churro is like a fried donut. They say it's a fritter. Love these pics. they always take me back.

Rita said...

Elise, the Cinque Terre is so special. We spent a couple of nights there and I have some pretty funny drinking stories.

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