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Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Shall We Talk About?

So… I had a list of topics to possibly blog about.

1. Destructive squirrels and my efforts chase them from my yard and attic.

2. Comfort food.  

3. What is up with the news media?

4. Why does the US have to keep the Bieb?

5. The leader of N. Korea telling the men of the country they must get a haircut like his.

Since 1, 3, 4 and 5 are about bat sh*t crazy creatures I picked… wait for it…2. Comfort food! Put your hands in the air and clap.

Before I start, you should know I’m old. So old, I hesitate to participate in buy one, get one free because I fear I won’t get the chance used the second one. That said I grew up in Florida on a barrier island 22 miles long, one paved road, three bridges to escape hurricanes. 2 were wood and barely above the water line no side rails. Scar-ee. If it rained a lot, gators came into the back yard and I witnessed more than one wild pig shot in the street.

Now the scene is set you can imagine what follows.  

A big meal, Sundays and holidays that was generally eaten and sometimes cooked outside was sea food paella.
Yellow rice and whatever clams, oysters, crabs, and fish we could get at the end of the street. Still love it today but, there is no fun in collecting the ingredients.

Then there was grits with red sauce and fried fish.


Gator, when one crawled into the back yard. Turtle, land and sea.

Fried Spam, with fried egg and straight from the can in sandwiches. We lived in Hawaii a few years and Spam was a favorite there. On the menu in local places.

Fry a thick slice of bologna with eggs. Bologna sandwiches on white bread with plenty of mayonnaise.  Every tackle box I can remember held cans of Vienna sausages and potted ham. 
                                             Ya know for a snack.  

And.... popsicles, drippy, syrupy, sweet, popsicles.

Reading this over maybe I just call it weird crap I ate growing up.

So what do you call comfort food? Or just share the weird crap you ate.
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Elise Warner said...

Rita: I'm starving after reading your post. I want, want, want the yellow rice and seafood. How can I settle for yogurt for lunch? Let's see--comfort food. Tomato soup with basil. Baked Macaroni and cheese. Pasta with almost anything. Chocolate and Gelato. Don't think I could touch a gator. Love squirrels--they make me laugh and my cousin raised one when we were little kids. His name was Fuzzy Thumper.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Oh man, now I'm hungry! LOL

My dad grew up with two sandwiches in his lunch each day - on white bread with fried bologna and mayonnaise and another on white bread with grape jelly. That's it. Maybe it's because they had 8 kids in his family.

Comfort, of course. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate syrup was a go-to.

As for weird crap I ate growing up... I don't think I ever tasted a fresh veggie until I met my husband in college (sorry, Mom). Meat and potatoes and canned veggies were definitely the norm in my house!

Rita said...

Your comfort is mine Elise. LOL.
I've been craving a fried oyster po'boy for days and fdresh veggies and a hard boiled egg for todays lunch is shall I say... meh.

Rita said...

Anne Marie you just confirmed fried bologna and canned veggies are brain food.

J Wachowski said...

Oh boy Rita, after reading your list, I'm wondering how you lived to grow old. :)
Not that I can't relate! I also grew up on "a can of green and a can of yellow" from the pantry. And 4-for-a dollar loaves of white bread. And balls of lettuce wrapped in plastic.
My comfort foods clearly identify my midwest roots: cheese and popcorn-- with butter, natch!

Rita said...

J, I know. We called potted ham the caviar of the south. I still eat everything on the list but Vienna sausage. They don't taste the same.

Toni Anderson said...

Paella is my favourite food of all--and I never cook it or get to eat it. I need to remedy that! Potted ham? Oh, boy :) Not my thing :)

Rita said...

Toni Paella is time consuming when you do it alone. Several people working makes it easier. potted ham on saltines wirh an olive or pickle. Yum!
What is your comfort food?

Toni Anderson said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure, aside from chocolate, which IS. But, probably a really tasty chilli.

Rita said...

Chocolate and chilly it is.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Comfort food? Shepherd's pie. Followed by chocolate. :-) I can honestly say I've never eaten ANY of the thin-- I mean, foods you listed.

Shirley Wells said...

I'm with Marcelle here in that I've never eaten any of those things listed. I love Shepherd's pie too - great comfort food. And chocolate, of course. My all-time favourite comfort food is probably banana and custard. Yum.

Wow, I'm starving now. :)

Rita said...

Marcelle it's amazing how food can be regional. When we lived in the midwest it was 3 whole chickens or a side of beef for dinner. Living on the ocean you eat pretty much anything that you pull into the boat.

Rita said...

Shirley I love custard. Shepherds pie on a really cold day. Nice.

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