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Friday, September 20, 2013

What's Happening At Harlequin

This past weekend Malle Vallik, Director of Editorial Digital Initiatives at Harlequin, put on a presentation at the Florida Romance Writers. Whether you're a reader or a writer, I thought I would post a few highlights of what's coming up at Harlequin.

First Malle mentioned that ebooks sales were up 110% vs. 2011 and ebooks now comprise 41% of romance sales. If you're looking for an entry to sell to them, series currently hungry are Love Inspired Suspense, Heartwarming, Heartsong, Cosmo Red-Hot Reads, and Harlequin E.

She expressed excitement on the new imprint that launched in August: Cosmo Red-Hot Reads. This line is in conjunction with Cosmo Magazine and features fun, fearless females in their 20's to early 30's. The women have careers, friends and a complete life but a man is icing on the cake.  Stories are in first and third person.

While Malle described Carina Press as their single title digital, Harlequin E is their digital series. You name it--horror, sci fi, intrique noir, space opera, mysteries, time travel, fantasy, contemporary romance, teen romance, new adult--this imprint will have it.  Specific series include 'Shivers', the contemporary gothics, 'Grand', the big melodramas, and 'Pop!', the culture romance. 'Reckonings' will feature alternate history.

Other than the Grands, word count is 15,000 plus.

On the contest front, "What's Your Story" features a mock book cover and entrants submit a first sentence or paragraph based on the mock book cover. Winning entries will be published in the Harlequin E-Trend Report. Rules at

Also underway this week is 'So You Think You Can Write' with the lucky winner being offered a publishing contract. Details at Not a writer? You can vote and help find the next new author.

If any of my fellow NYUS authors have upcoming books with the new imprints Cosmos Red-Hot Reads or Harlequin E, let us know.

Carol Stephenson
Justice At All Costs


Author Linda Conrad, Malle Vallick, and Carol Stephenson


Anne Marie Becker said...

Great information, Carol - thanks for sharing!

J Wachowski said...

This is as good as getting private news feeds! Thanks for reporting.

Rita said...

Thanks for sharing Carol. Always good to get the good scoop.

jean harrington said...

Carol, Interesting post. Loved the stats for e-books. However, Malle's comment that Carina was Harlequin's single title electronic division gave me some pause. I write for Carina and I'm writing a series--Murders by Design--for Carina.

Carol Stephenson said...

Jean, I blinked when she first said it and then she said it again in response to a question. Then it sunk in that she was referring to category series in the tradition sense, such as Harlequin Romantic Suspense or Blaze.

Every month a reader will know that books will be released in a certain category and will know what to expect from that book. If a reader buys a 'Shivers' s/he'll be getting a contemporary gothic.

Jean Harrington said...

Aha! Got it, Carol. Thanks for the info. Perhaps Malle should rephrase her talk. I'll toss you for who's going to suggest it!

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