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Friday, April 29, 2016

Follow Your Bliss

I'm a lucky girl. I've had the opportunity to pursue numerous passions in my life. I’m happiest when I have a sense of purpose—a pursuit (or two or three) that embodies my values, beliefs, and abilities—that gives me a sense of meaning. 

A bliss. 

My background is a combination of pursuits with obvious interests in biology and psychology. I have a Masters degree in counseling. But I only used it “in the field” for a couple years before we moved and started a family.  

I can't help but wonder... Where would I be if I hadn’t gone that direction? What if I’d followed a different fork in the road at any of the numerous places where it, well, forked. ;)

I love being a writer. The flexibility, challenge, and adventure of it. But sometimes I wonder what I’d be doing if I wasn’t a stay-at-home mother of three and a writer. And if I didn’t have a husband who’s source of income was steady enough to allow me to follow my bliss.

When I look back, everything I pursued was to make other people happier and/or healthier. That was my goal. At one time, I wanted to be a physical therapist. But when I volunteered at a hospital, just to try it on for size, I didn’t think I had the forcefulness to push people past their limits as well as the energy to be a constant cheerleader. It just didn’t fit my personality. 

At another time, I wanted to be a doctor, but the hours and lack of sleep weren't appealing. And then there was the likelihood of incurring financial debt for several more years of school.

A profiler? That was a dream at one time. If I’m honest, it still is, though I know I’d most likely never want to go through that much schooling again. It's not that I feel I'm too old (okay, maybe a little bit), but it would take up a large chunk of time I currently devote to my other passions—family and writing.

A life coach? That’s my latest interest. Apparently there’s a certification process. It’s a career that involves helping people—helping them find their own bliss, in fact. And that sounds pretty awesome. 

But with the kids still at home, I’m thinking writer is still the best choice for me. Besides, in what other job can I explore all of these other careers vicariously, through my characters? Still, who knows what the future will bring? 

If you were to follow a new dream, what would it be and why?


Cathy Perkins said...

When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut. Pretty sure that isn't going to happen. Hmm... Can I work an astronaut into a book?

Rita said...

The wonderful part of being a writer - you get to 'do' so many things. I think you would be a brilliant Life Coach.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Cathy, that's great! I hope you can work an astronaut into a book somehow. I'm sure you'll figure out a way! :D

Anne Marie Becker said...

Thanks, Rita! I think it would be rewarding career, but the time factor... Sigh. Not enough time in the day to do everything and help everyone. Maybe I should work on that cloning machine first... ;)

jean harrington said...

Torch singer. Definitely torch singer. Sitting on top of a piano in a smoky bar--in a red gown with a slit waaay up. A Billy Holiday without an addiction. Or else I could be a nun. Actually nonesuch. (Forgive me, having a bad day.Your post was a bright spot, Anne Marie.)

Elise Warner said...

I couldn't decide between theater and writing. Worked in theater for many years than began writing and much as I loved the stage I find more satisfaction in putting words together. I did want to become an archeologist for a few short days until I realized there would be no indoor plumbing.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Oh, Jean, I'd love to come see your show! Just send me the details! ;D (And I used to want to be a nun, too...with an orphanage that I ran. Never thought I'd get married! That kind of put a crimp in that plan. LOL) Hope your day gets brighter!!

Anne Marie Becker said...

Elise, I find that fascinating. I've always thought writing was a lot like theater/acting, but I have no experience with the latter. (Too dang scared!) I imagine that acting experience helps you figure out the perfect way to phrase dialogue. That would come in handy! (And yeah, "no indoor plumbing" would be a deal-breaker!)

Maureen A. Miller said...

You know I always aspired to be a singer. :) Unfortunately, I can't sing.
Hmmm, how come I haven't written a book about a singer yet?

Anne Marie Becker said...

Maureen, maybe you and Jean should get together and write a book. Better yet, you could sing together! ;)

Wynter said...

I'm with you - I'd still be a writer. When I was growing up I really wanted to be an archaeologist but when I really thought about it I realized there was too much digging in the dirt for my liking ;-)

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