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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Between a rock and a hard place…

Like most authors these days, especially indie authors, we're often asked to collaborate on group projects.  Like boxed sets, anthologies, continuities to name a few.  Sometimes these are wonderful things and the story practically writes itself.

Other times—not so much.  Especially when you are working with a group of fabulous authors who are absolutely wonderful to work alongside, and you're the stumbling block.  The only one who has a story which refuses to get written.  At least not the way you want it. 

Cue the suspenseful music. 

I'm writing a contemporary romance with lots of sensual heat between the H and H, and in addition to this being a romance (of course), the dang thing wants to turn into a mystery.  It's not supposed to be suspenseful.  Nobody else in the group is writing suspense, yet my characters are screaming at me to put in a mystery to be solved. 

Will they let me just put in a small mystery, one that can be solved in a short time without a lot of action and adventure?  On, no—they want to have a full scale, multi-character, over-the-top suspense with dead bodies, a trail of clues, danger, peril, and a hunky detective leading the charge. 

So what did I do?

I told them to shut up, that they'd get their story the way they wanted it, only it would have to be two deadlines away.  I think they are okay with that, but now I'm going to have to start over with a brand new idea and a brand new story for the novella that's due in just a few short weeks.

Wish me luck—because I'm going to need it. 

Kathy Ivan is a USA Today Bestselling Author who spends her days sitting in front of a computer, working on the latest story and planning and plotting her next romantic suspense, because after all who doesn't love a good mystery?  You can contact her on Facebook, Twitter, or at her website.  Her latest (although not a suspense/mystery) release is part a Kindle World, available exclusively on Amazon, Could This Be Love. 


Susan said...

Kathy, you don't need luck. You have a soaring talent and an incredible imagination. It takes courage to let your characters have their own way, and (non-writers will never understand this) often the characters know what's best better than you do. That's the magic we all hope for in all our writing. Now get to work! (grin) Susan, aka Janis

Cathy Perkins said...

You can do it! And those characters may sort out a few clues while they simmer in your subconscious :)

Elise Warner said...

Best of luck, kathy.Or as is said in showbiz Merde.

jean harrington said...

Kathy, I add my encouragement to the mix. You can do it! After all, you always have.

Kathy Ivan said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm plugging away this morning, having tossed out several thousand words and now the romance is coming together. And I'm sure the suspense and the characters will continue brewing in my subconscious, where they will make the story all the better for having waited their turn. LOL

Now back to finishing up this book. Thanks for the encouragement.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Good luck, Kathy! I'm sure the novella will be fabulous.

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