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Monday, January 18, 2016

The box set

My 2016 started off with some exciting news courtesy of Carina Press. My Dylan Scott mystery series is to be published as two box sets. The first 5 books in the series will come first and, a month later, the last three in the series will appear in a second box set. 

Once the excitement of this news had worn off (okay, so maybe it hasn’t quite worn off yet…), I started thinking about box sets and how many I owned. 

If we were talking DVDs, the answer would be several. For example, in the days before I had access to Netflix, I had to buy the Dexter series and the Breaking Bad series in box sets. Had to. No question. But how many book box sets do I own?

As I child, I owned quite a few. These would have been Christmas or birthday gifts, and I do feel that having an all-inclusive set of favourite books is a real treat. Beautifully presented and sometimes a limited edition - wonderful. 

So how many do I own? Well, I had a good think and surprised myself. Without checking the hundreds of books that are scattered around the house, I can’t swear to this, but I think the grand total is, um, zero. Nil. Zilch. There are certainly none on my Kindle.

Just look at this lovely offering from our very own Toni Anderson. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Do I own a copy? No. (Sorry, Toni. :)) Why not? Because I own all the books singly. As soon as I know one of my favourite authors has a new book coming out, I pre-order it. I wasn’t blessed with enough patience to wait for box sets. :)

Am I the only person who doesn’t own a single box set? Writers, are your books in a box set and, if so, what do you like most about them? Readers, how do you feel about the box set? Do you own lots? Do you buy the box set even when you’ve already read the books in the collection? Do ebooks work as well as physical copies when it comes to the box set? Curious minds need to know all your thoughts on the box set. Thank you. :)


Clare London said...

You're right! When I think of the box sets I used to get as a child, I can remember them well. But nothing recently. Though I did buy my Mum a box set of romance titles one Christmas. Do you think the trend nowadays is to less space and packaging?!

That said, I have plenty of e-book "boxsets" including several of my own LOL.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Congratulations on the upcoming boxed set! That's exciting. I own a few boxed sets, usually because I haven't had time to check out an author before, when they only had a book or two out. :) I'm hoping to do a boxed set with this new series I'm doing, because I own the rights to all the books, not just the last two in the series. ;)

I totally remember (and still have) a lot of the boxed sets I'd get at Christmas as a child. The Narnia series. Lord of the Rings series. And my mother bought me the Harry Potter series ("for my kids"). LOL

Toni Anderson said...

I just had a horrible shock that I'd posted on the wrong day, LOL! Thanks for the mention, Shirley! I have a few box sets. Lots of the kids books come in sets. I do buy digital box sets, but prefer individual titles. I find box sets unwieldy. Having said that there are readers who prefer them, which was a surprise.

Congratulations on Dylan's move into box set territory. I can't really see him being squeezed into a box though 😉❤️

Shirley Wells said...

Clare - yes, I think we're all into less space and packaging these days. Probably because we have so much other techy clutter, lol. You see? You have lots of boxsets, and I have none. I'll have to go onto Amazon... ;)

Anne Marie - good for you having the rights to all the books in your series. And I hope your kids got to see the Harry Potter series. :)

Toni -That's a good point about box sets being unwieldy. Hadn't thought of that. I can see why some readers would prefer them because it's so nice to see them all together. No, I can't see Dylan being squeezed into a box either, lol.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Interesting question, Shirley. I don't have any box sets at all, nor did I ever. I did get some for my kids when they were little, but even they don't gravitate to box sets.

I am not sure why.

Rita said...

E-book boxed sets. Unfortunately most have not been read.

Shirley Wells said...

Marcelle, I'm so glad I'm not alone. :)

Ah, unread books, Rita. I keep telling myself I must stop buying more books until I've read those I've already got. :)

jean harrington said...

Shirley, Excuse me for being a dunce, but when you say your series are coming out as boxed sets, do you mean in paperback or as e-book "boxed sets?" Would really like to know.

Maureen A. Miller said...

I'm with you, Petunia. I mostly buy the individual books. As a matter of fact I was just set to purchase a new boxed set that was being released and realized that I'd read every book in it!

But I still have my old Readers Digest boxed set with the pretty-colored bindings!

Shirley Wells said...

Jean, I'm assuming they'll be e-books. They have gone to paperback, but that's a Harlequin rather than a Carina thing.

Maureen, I've realised I've read all the books in a boxed set too! Ah, yes, the Readers Digest boxed sets were wonderful!

Cathy Perkins said...

I rarely buy a paperback or hard cover box set. If I wanted to have a "keeper" copy, I bought it when it released. Most of my purchases these days are ebooks. I don't think I've ever bought a box set from one author but I do occasionally buy the multi-authors sets. I've found "new to me" authors that way.

We won't discuss the multiple books I've bought and either forgotten about or haven't gotten around to reading. ;)

Shirley Wells said...

Ah, Cathy, the multiple books we've bought, lol. I buy most of my books from Amazon and I've lost count of the times I've been about to hit the Buy button and noticed the message at the top of the page telling me that I purchased said book several months ago. So many books and not enough time. :)

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