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Thursday, April 9, 2015



I had another post written and ready to go but after all the stramash over episode 9 I’m sharing my thoughts and there will be spoilers.
The day after the show aired I was surprised by facebook comments of several readers/watchers trashing the story line. I was even more surprised by several author’s comments trashing Diana Gabaldon’s writing. I know she doesn’t give a flying fig about F and G list authors bashing her because of a spanking scene as she cashes her gallizion dollar royalty checks, but Holy Macaroni.  
First of all, GET OVER IT! It’s a freaking book/tv series. Second, and read the following carefully, it represents what went on in the 18th century and there were NO PC police in 1743 Scotland. Corporal punishment for wrong doing was accepted. The norm. Would a time-out be better? HA! Wrong doers in 1743 would love to spend time sitting in a corner, getting a rest from the back breaking jobs they did to survive.  
Perhaps critics would like it if Herself wrote a story sending some PC police through the stones. Would love to see how long they lasted with Dougal, Murtagh, Angas and Rupert.   
Consider this. No one complained when Clare hit and punched Jamie. Not a peep has been heard about Black Jack Randel (here after referred to as BJR) punching Clare and having his corporal kick her. WTH?
And….BTW didn’t spanking occur in 50 Shades? Can’t be sure ‘cause I didn’t read the books or see the movie. Couldn’t get past the writing in the free sample. As for the movie I was a leery of encountering a Peewee Herman moment.  
And the moaning and groaning about the scene when Laoghaire comes on to Jamie. Sweet Mother Malone.   
Anywho.  For me episode 9 is huge. I admit I watch shows/movies more than once. (Dexter, Homeland, Call The Midwife) First and second times are for sheer joy and entertainment. Then I go into writer mode. I pay attention to the settings, sounds, body language, expressions and foreshadowing. And most of all, character development. Episode 9 is a major pivotal point in Jamie and Clare’s character arc.  He realizes Clare is different. Special. To hang onto her he will have to change and grow. And Clare? As she will tell Jamie, “I never expected to love you.” How much does that change her resolve to get back to Frank?
People, don’t grump about a scene or dialogue. Sit back and enjoy the process. Remember nothing in a good book or movie is there on a whim. Every word, every scene, moves the story forward. It has a purpose. And believe me the Outlander books/series is good.
In episode 9 there was a huge foreshadowing moment for BJR. In a single sentence of dialogue he revealed a world of information about himself.  Did you get it?
Consider what sells. Other than sex. Conflict! Conflict, conflict, and conflict on every level. It’s why we turn the page. Watch the next episode. It isn’t to see if everyone likes what Mrs. Fitz fixed for dinner. It’s to see if Clare clocks Laoghaire.

Books are like life. It doesn’t always go how you want it too. There are twists and turns.  Missteps. You and the characters adapt, overcome and work towards a happy ever after. You turn the page and keep reading and living. Or, you don’t. Your choice.  

My apologies to those who are not following Outlander.      


Anne Marie Becker said...

I'm one of those who's not watching Outlander, so I'm not aware of the hullabaloo going on, but it sounds intriguing. ;)

I've always wanted to read Gabaldon's series (she's from around my area - I see her family name here all the time), but I haven't had time to dig into such an enormous series. I would love to...someday!! (And the hullabaloo just makes me want to read and watch it more! LOL)

Toni Anderson said...

People rarely see the double standards, Rita.

I loved the first half of the season but haven't seen this episode yet. I remember the book. There have always been complaints about the spanking. Well, welcome to the real world. Outlander makes people uncomfortable b/c it deals with the realities of the 1800s rather than making it all twee and easy. I love it. Must listen to the next audiobook.

Toni Anderson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcelle Dubé said...

Rita, you must stop being so shy and retiring and learn to tell us what you *really* think. :-) I'm not following the series, either, but I might just have to, now.

Rita said...

Frankly I'm sick of the PC police and bat shit crazy people. Marcelle in the future I'll try to speak up more. LOL!

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