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Friday, April 3, 2015

Never Been to Morocco...

You know that Three Dog Night song, “Never Been to Spain”? From their 1971 album, Harmony? While I was working on my latest novel, Ghosts of Morocco, that’s the song that floated through my mind constantly.

I’ve never been to Morocco, but I set Ghosts of Morocco there. Or big chunks of it, anyway. Was I being presumptuous? Maybe. But that’s where the story had to be: partly in Morocco, in the past, and partly in the Yukon, a little more recently.

I didn’t want to insult anyone, or make a fool of myself, so I read travel books and history of Morocco books, read travellers’ blogs, looked at thousands of pictures on line, grilled my well-travelled friend… anything I could think of to add depth and realism to the Morocco scenes. I even asked a writer who was housesitting in Morocco to describe olive trees for me. I was especially interested in the sensory details of the country – what did it smell like? How was the quality of the light? How was the humidity level?

It’s not as good as if I’d been there myself to experience the country, but I think I did okay. (And now, of course, I really want to go.)

I’m a lot more nervous about the Yukon setting – home. I took liberties. Outrageous liberties, sometimes. I can defend that, but Lord help me if I got anything flat out wrong. You can be sure I’ll hear about it...

Ghosts of Morocco was released this week. Here’s the cover blurb:

Fifteen years after a traumatic event in Morocco, Hope Adler has reinvented herself as a cautious, dependable businesswoman back home in Canada. No more impulsiveness. No more risks. No more Wild Child. But when Meddur, the young son of her Moroccan friend, lands on her doorstep, running from murderous Berber radicals, she must reach deep into her past and bring back the Wild Child, because that’s the only way she and Meddur will get out of this alive.

Just as she thinks she’s found a safe place to hide the boy, Sam Walker, the bane of her youth in Morocco, suddenly appears. Can she trust him to help her keep Meddur safe? Or is he working with the radicals?

In a departure from her Mendenhall Mysteries series, Marcelle Dubé’s Ghosts of Morocco is a standalone novel featuring Hope Adler, a woman tormented by her past and willing to do anything to make amends. Ghosts of Morocco is a wild, exotic ride from the sands of Morocco to the deep snows of the Yukon.

It’s available everywhere e-books are sold and is also available in print.

And now, because I know you’ve been humming it, here’s a link to “Never Been to Spain.”

You can find Marcelle here: web | facebook | twitter


Anne Marie Becker said...

Oh, I hope you get to go sometime! I'd like to try the food. I've heard great things. And the spices...I wonder if the air smells like spices? I love the title - congratulations on the release!

Elise Warner said...

Congrats, Marcelle. How did you decide to write about Morocco? Childhood stories? Friends? Sounds so exciting.

jean harrington said...

Marcelle, I've done the same thing with settings--places I've never been to but my characters have. With the internet info the world--yes I'm going to say it!--is our oyster. Good for you. Great title too.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Thanks, Anne Marie and Elise. To be honest, Elise, I have no idea why it had to be Morocco. Maybe the name of the country resonated with me. :-)

Thanks, Jean. Maybe we should both go to Morocco!

Ana Barrons said...

So far I haven't dared to set a book somewhere I've never been, but there's always a first time. I've actually been to Morocco, just for a few days, and it's definitely a different world. Your book sounds fantastic -- I'll check it out!

Rita said...

OH! SUPER congrats. This sounds very exciting. Just what i love.

Toni Anderson said...

It sounds fabulous, Marcelle. As much as I love to travel and write about where I've been, I think (I could be wrong LOL), that when we haven't been somewhere, we put a little extra into our research, we search for details that we ignore in our real world.

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