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Monday, January 20, 2014

Season for Love?

Today I'm doing double duty since I'm also blogging at my own place You Heard It Here and I thought I'd make them intertwine. Because my daughter is experiencing the bitter cold of a Boston January while I sweat in the heat of a California winter, I thought I'd make my posts weather related. So the question is:

What season is best for love?

I pick winter! If it's freezing outside, you HAVE to cuddle with the one you love, right? (I guess you don't HAVE to, but the dog or cat cuddling only goes so far, am I right?)

And what's sexier than having multiple layers of clothes to slowly peel off until you get down to all that glorious skin?! Or how about walks in the snow or snowball fights to get the blood pumping before you... you know... get the blood pumping? Winter love means Eskimo kisses and hot chocolate. It means roasting s'mores in front of a toasty fireplaces to energize for a long night fooling around in that very same spot. <G> Winter love means cuddling up under heavy blankets and keeping the cold at bay with long make-out sessions and quiet minutes of nothing but touching.

Okay... really... I'm kind of wishing it wasn't so hot in Los Angeles. LOL. (Which reminds me, don't forget to drop by You Heard It Here to read the flip side.)

So which season do you want to love in? And I'll tack on another question here as well for all the writers in the house... Which season do you prefer WRITING love in?


Anne Marie Becker said...

Interesting questions, Dee J. I think the season for love is Spring. Everything feels new and fresh after a long, cold winter and I feel ready for anything. :)

With writing? I seem to have the best mojo in the fall. Probably because summer gives me limited time for writing with the kids out of school. But by fall, I'm rarin' to go and all of the ideas that were bottled up come pouring out.

Lynne Marshall said...

I vote for fall! Still brisk enough to need coats, but not too freezing, because if I'm cold no one is going to get me out of my thermals! LOL

Dee J. said...

Hi Anne Marie,
I think you've sold me on Spring. Actually, I've decided that every season is a good time for love. Each one has their good points. And I can totally see how fall can be more productive after a summer with kids and less writing time! Thanks for dropping in!

Hi Lynne,
Yeah, fall is beautiful...especially in the right city and with the right man! I'll bet there's one man who can get you out of those thermals. LOL. Thanks for coming by!

Toni Anderson said...

LOL--if I didn't live where I live I might agree with winter, but with -40C windchill for the dog walk this morning (AGAIN) the idea of removing any clothing, or having any cold hand placed upon my bare flesh is not something that makes me think whippee! No, baby :) I'd vote for a nice cool summer on the beach. Sand included :)

Dee J. said...

Hi Toni,
Oh man! -40C windchill???? That's not winter! That's hell! So sorry for that crazy cold. No, I can't imagine wanting to peel off clothes in that. But maybe if the fire's going inside and the heater's on and the blankets are warm and the HANDS are warm. LOL. Hope you warm up soon!

Robena Grant said...

Im sticking with fall. I love the change of colors, walking on crunchy leaves, gentle breezes, sunny days and cool nights. It's perfect for love.
For writing, I have to go with summer because I'm housebound (living in the hot, hot desert) and the air conditioner is running, so I hibernate and write. : )

Rita said...

I like writing it all the time. Let’s see. Maybe not so much in Winter. In winter there is an awful lot of clothes to take off as you mentioned. If you’d been slogging through the snow you might be tired and lose interest. Oh! And don’t forget cold shrinkage. Here in the south spring, sitting on the bed on the sleeping porch with the sound of rain maybe on a tin roof. Hmmm. Summer with hot sweaty bodies, bare chests, and a lot less clothes. Not much chance in losing interest or shrinkage. Fall, warm enough to see a guy without a shirt chop wood.

Dee J. said...

Hi Robena,
I'll have to come visit during a Palm Desert fall. I'll bet walks around your lake are perfect! I'd hibernate too if I was battling 117 degree summer! Thanks for finding me twice today!

Hi Rita,
I hadn't even thought about shrinkage! You can tell I live in warm weather. But I love all those scenarios you mentioned. I think Spring and Fall are making a run for my first choices now. Thanks for dropping in!

J Wachowski said...

-40 wind chill? We had that last week and school was canceled. Double bummer! (And doubly hard to get lucky around here, can I just say?)

My favorite season to write is when the kids are in school. And my favorite season for love? Any time my honey is at home. ;)

Dee J. said...

Hi J,
Yeah... I can't imagine -40C windchill. That's just not right. Hopefully there will be no more school cancellations and you can get lucky... I mean, get some writing done. LOL.

Samanthe Beck said...

Favorite season for love? I'm sticking with summer. Favorite season to write? Hmm...probably still summer. I can open the door and all the windows and enjoy the sunshine and breeze while I toil at my computer!

Dee J. said...

Hi Samanthe,
Yeah, summer is good. (As long as it's not one of those brutally hot or sticky ones I've heard about.) I think I've based a lot of my books in summer so I might agree with you.

jean harrington said...

Hey guys, what's weather got to do with it? Good night, I'm off to bed--to read!

Dee J. said...

Hi Jean,
The weather has nothing to do with it. I just thought since my kid was loving her bitter cold visit to Boston while I enjoyed a summertime winter, that I'd pose the question. it's what happens when you're fresh out of blog ideas. Haha.

Mia said...

Ooo, I hadn't thought of the peeling of clothes. Hmm. Nah. I hate the cold. I'd be buried under layers of blankets in long underwear and I'd hit anyone who tried to remove any of it. I am sticking with Autumn for a perfect romance. Of course anytime is a good time, but in my fantasies? It's fall with crispy leaves and cuddling under a blanket at a football game and playing naughty games... erhm, never mind.

Dee J. said...

Hi Mia,
LOL. You're pretty funny. I think a few other people also commented that the clothes would not be removed during cold weather. I guess I've got a whole fireplace picture in my head with the cold outside and warm inside... I like your autumn description though. Very compelling argument for fall.

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