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Monday, July 6, 2015

Oh What A Relief It Is

Don't let the title of this blog fool you. I'm not talking about antacid! (You remember Plop, plop, fizz, fizz? Or maybe I'm dating myself.)

I'm talking about the relief of getting a book to its editor.
Lately I've been under crazy stress to keep juggling all the balls I've got in the air. I've got my day job on set, I'm prepping to give my Itching to Pitch workshop for the Orange County Chapter of RWA, I've just finished narrating an audio book and I'm prepping for the next one in one week and oh, somewhere in there I had to finish my second round edits of the last book in the Adrenaline Highs series and take care of my family. (Which includes remembering this sweet boy's 12th birthday today. I figure since I didn't have a pic to post regarding relief, I'd post something awesome cute instead.)

Isn't he sweet? Okay...enough sentiment and cuteness. Onto the rest!

I've had to prioritize everything day to day to keep my sanity. I'll admit, that most days I didn't get everything done. Stuff got pushed. Mostly the writing. Which killed me. I hated knowing that every day I didn't get to my writing or editing that it was pushing the release date of this last Adrenaline Highs book, but it couldn't be helped. Mainly because I'm human and there's only so much I can get done in a day.

But now that one narration is under my belt, now that those edits are out the door, (after several mammoth editing sessions the last three days - including July 4th - that took me until 2 a.m.), I actually feel like I can breathe. To celebrate, I'm going to watch the world cup. Go USA!!

I've come to grips with the idea that I'm not going to be a writing machine until I retire from the day job or stop narrating books. The prep time it takes for those two jobs, not to mention the actual hours involved to complete them, is just short of massive. But they make me happy, just like the writing does. So how do you decide between jobs you do that fulfill you on different levels?

I've don't have to decide. You just have to live your life the best way you can and enjoy what you're doing when you do it.

I guess you could say my relief is double sided. Yes, I'm thrilled I got this book to the editor and it's getting closer to publication. And, yes, I'm happy that I've come to terms enjoying all the things that make my life full. Here's to not making yourself crazy over the juggling act! (I know I'm not the only juggling!)

What's your biggest relief? I'd love to know.


Robena Grant said...

I admire authors like you, Dee J. How you juggle day jobs, writing, family, and then add in projects you love to do, plus remember to take care of yourself, and the need to refill the writing well. I'm exhausted typing all of that. :)
Even though I'm retired, and don't have much to juggle, I do set goals and timelines, and deadlines. There is an overwhelming sense of relief when I finish a book, or finish edits. I think it's that sense of achievement from having met a deadline.

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Dee J - yes that sounds like a huge juggling act, but glad you got the book off. I think you are one truly lucky person to love all three (and creative) aspects of your work life.

And shame on you for not naming your cutie, now I have to wish Zack (Jake?) happy 12th bd.
Love that dog even though I will forever screw up his name.
Congrats again on tackling and completing your edits, oh, and the first narration in one week! Wow.

Dee J. said...

Hi Robena,
Trust me, I'm not only exhausted writing it, I'm exhausted doing it. LOL. I can't begin to describe the relief of getting that particular project off my plate. Just hoping it meets with my editor's seal of approval! Thanks for coming by!

Hi Lynne,
Thanks! I had fun doing the narration! (And getting that edited mss out the door. It was a twofer,) I'll tell Zach you wish him a happy B-day. BTW - You are right. I feel very lucky to have all these wonderful opportunities to be creative! Life is good. Thanks for stopping in!

Allison Morse said...

Terrific blog and great insight. In the past, I also found it hard not to put too much pressure on myself to get an impossible to accomplish in a day task list done in a day. I'm finally letting go of that insanity. Now, if I can just let go of other areas where I'm a nut, then ... then ... I'd probably be less interesting : )

Thank you for your wise words.

Samanthe Beck said...

Happy b-day to the fur baby!

I'm actually in awe of how you do it all, and have fun with everything, and make it look easy. You're smart, and you have an innate sense of what you can let slide for a little while and what has to be done NOW. (Plus the stamina to put in an occasional 2:00 a.m. writing session).

Rita said...

Dee the energizer bunny! LOL! You go lady.

jean harrington said...

Dee J, We workaholics need to find a deserted island. And keep busy going nuts because we have nothing to do.

Dee J. said...

Hi Allison,
You're funny. I've had to let go of the idea that I'm going to be one of those authors who make money hand over fist by releasing a book every other month. (At least for now.) The pressure isn't worth it. (For me.) I've decided my best road is doing the things that make me happy. Thanks for swinging by! Glad you liked the post!

Hi Samanthe,
I'll forward your regards to the b-day fur boy. LOL. But I should be honest... I don't really do it all. Things suffer, but the good thing about being an indie author is deciding my own schedule. Being the boss means I get to decide if my deadline gets pushed. Haha. Thanks for dropping in!

Hi Rita,
Ha! I only WISH I was the energizer bunny! I'm really ready for a nap. Or several back to back naps would be really awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Jean,
Oh my gosh... I never thought of myself as a workaholic. Now I'm scared because I must be one! I would not mind a deserted island though... as long as it comes with cabana boys! LOL. I don't think I'd go nuts. I'd read the stack of 200 books on my TBR pile. Thanks for dropping by!

Susan J Berger said...

Mine will be having done both blogs for this week and finishing edits on current book Figuring out the best way to pitch and actually completing a synopsis.
I'm with you on the books though. I am never going to be one of those people who completes three books a year. And I'm ok with that.

Dee J. said...

Hi Sue,
I don't cringe at the synopsis like many people. To me, it's just writing down the hero and heroine's GMC. What do they want? Why do they want it and what's stopping them from getting it. Then it's jotting down the turning points and final resolution and it's done. Anywhere from 3-5 pages. The trick is to be concise then open it up as you have the room on the page (depending on the page count requested). Maybe I'll see you at the OCC meeting. My pitch workshop might be perfect for you. Thanks for stopping in!

Anne Marie Becker said...

So they still haven't invented the machine that gives us more hours in the day so we can do all those jobs we enjoy? Darn.

I'm trying to balance everything, and lately I've been working hard to incorporate "fun" time (which is often reading time - yay!) into my daily schedule. Prioritizing and keeping an organized schedule helps, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne Marie,
Fun time? What is that you speak of? LOL. Lately I haven't had a chance for anything of my own choosing. When I finish one job, it's a scramble to the next. I hope I don't sound whiny. I know I'm lucky. I'm just tired and stressed out too. That's why it's such a relief to get things off my plate even for just a little while. Let me know when that "extra hours" machine gets invented!

Dee J. said...

Uh... And I'm not anonymous. It's me!!!

Toni Anderson said...

I wish I could accomplish half of what you do! You are amazing. My biggest relief...Finishing the first draft which will suck, but generally means the story will work (for me at least!)

Dee J. said...

Hi Toni,
Uh... Well, I guess we can be a mutual admiration society because I totally bow down to your huge success. Over 400k books sold in your recent series!! I aspire to that! In fact, I'm hoping we can talk in NYC so I can pick your brain. I'm so happy for you! I'd be happy with half those sales. Let's talk... Thanks for swinging by.

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