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Monday, March 26, 2012


Justice will be served when those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. Benjamin Franklin

Has there ever been a case where deep down you’ve cried ‘foul’ when the criminal is either acquitted or receives a light sentence?  Intellectually and morally, you understand and believe in the bedrock principle that a person charged with a crime is entitled to a jury of one’s peers who must find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt but still…  The murderer, child abuser, or white collar swindler has gotten off scot-free.  That’s not right!  Shouldn’t the person pay?  

I explore this morality quagmire n my latest Carina Press book, HER DARK PROTECTOR, which is out today.  Against the backdrop of South Florida, the justice system has been rendered impotent with corruption permeating the highest levels.   The bad guys are winning; it’s time for the good guys to take a stand.
Differing philosophies and motivations pit a secret justice society and a vigilante group in the fight against crime. On the surface what the two groups share is a sense of belonging and purpose in a society weary of crime.  However, the Justice Alliance and its membership of Justice Hunters seek to aid the justice system by gathering evidence, tracking down witnesses and protecting those law enforcement individuals at risk.  In contrast the ‘Veritas’ have found a way to exact justice for a price; they are vigilantes for hire.

Add to the mix a heroine who as a state attorney believes justice is society’s glue and a drug lord who follows law of the jungle, and the battlefield is set.

I did think of the unlikely mix of the Death Wish movie series starring Charles Bronson and the comic strip series The Justice League as I wrote this book.  What appeals to you as a reader about stories where a person takes a stand against crime?

Carol Stephenson



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Maureen A. Miller said...

It all comes down to us believing that good will always triumph over evil. If it doesn't, then the system has failed us.

I admire the in depth knowledge that goes into your books and I'm looking forward to reading HER DARK PROTECTOR.

Toni Anderson said...

I think stories where there's a stance against crime are very powerful. I also love it when we are faced with impossible situations and decisions.
Looking forward to your new book, Carol!

Wendy Soliman said...

Absolutely! Good has to win the day. The novel sounds fascinating. Yet another to add to be TBR pile.

Congratulations on the release.

Carol Stephenson said...

Thanks Maureen, Toni and Wendy!

Cynthia Justlin said...

Carol, I love books where characters take a stand against corruption. We all want to believe the people who are supposed to be protecting the law and the people (whether they are part of the justice system or the government or whatever) are doing the right thing--but unfortunately, that's not always the case. And it's up to citizens to call them on it and take a stand. But how to go about it? That's the question, isn't it!

Looking forward to your book!

Carol Stephenson said...

Cynthia, thank you! I hope you enjoy the story. :) Carol

Anti Money Laundering said...

Truth is always in harmony with herself, and is not concerned chiefly to reveal the justice that may consist with wrong-doing.

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