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Monday, October 17, 2016

Picture The Author In Residence...

This is a picture post, accept my apologies, but I've got two deadlines at the end of this month and words are already wheeling in my mind like a swarm of midges :D. But as I'm planning on attending a writing retreat at the end of Oct at Clacton (Essex, UK), I thought I'd share with you some pictures of Places I Have Written In!

Obviously I have my usual 1/3 of the dining table at home (affectionately known as ClareSpace)

and my regular weekly trip to the local pub with my friend and fellow author Sue Brown

but I also recently had a holiday in the Lake District, and finished my book sitting in their breakfast room after everyone else had gone out walking (including Hubby!) leaving me with this spectacular view:

so I thought I'd add a few more places I've written in the last few years, and ask my fellow authors - where have YOU written that you enjoyed most / were most amazed at / found most inspiring / or most amusing?

Tell all! :D


Here's me in (variously): Portugal, Madeira, Keswick, my garden marquee when the weather really *wasn't* warm enough to sit out! (see our fleece jackets), watched over by my friend Jordan's cat in Wisconsin, watched over by my friend Chrissy's cat in Michigan (see a pattern emerging here?!), waiting in a Q at an anime convention (I'm the one in the pink hair), and oh look! back at the pub with my trusty pink travelling laptop (Barbie). She's been with me at all these stops. What'll I do when she finally expires?! (and I can no longer hang by my fingernails onto Windows 7? *lol*).

~~Clare London~~


Anne Marie Becker said...

I enjoy seeing where other writers create. On the good days, I feel transported out of my own world while writing, so it's fun to see where a writer's body is physically situated while their imaginations are far off in other places. :)

I used to meet up with a writer friend at least once a week at the local coffee shop, but she moved away. :( I need to get back into that habit, though, because I did enjoy getting out of my house. Otherwise, I write on the couch or the desk in the corner of my living room. I've gone on writers' retreats before, too, so the best place I've written was on a beach. :)

Marcelle Dubé said...

I like writing in my little office, which has a view of the hill with the windmills, and beyond that, the mountains. My favourite retreat was at a local marina that had rooms on the top floor and a main room where we could gather, with about 320 degree views of a huge lake with mountains in the background. Inspiring. But it burned down many moons ago...

Rita said...

I have several spots in my home that offer different views. The back yard jungle, the pool, a total world view block out. I've also written out on the dock. I don't think I'd do well writing while on holiday. I am too spacey.Too easily distracted. An, oh look.... kinda thing. Shrug.

Rita said...

O. I forgot to say I absolutely love you photos.

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