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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


We all sleep. Some of us sleep more than others. But the way we sleep can be very different. There are many positions to sleep in and each of us favors a particular way more than others. So, for your reading enjoyment, here is a brief rundown of the most popular sleeping positions and some interesting tidbits from various research studies about them.

Back Sleepers

According to some studies, back sleepers make up only about 8% -10% of snoozers. People who sleep on their backs have the most problems with snoring and sleep apnea, but it is considered the best position for the alleviation of the body's aches and pains. Back sleepers are considered to be quiet, introverted and hold others to high standards.

Side Sleepers

There are two types of side sleepers, those who sleep with their arms tucked in tight and those who keep their arms stretched out. If you sleep with your arms tucked in tightly you are easy-going and good natured, but may also be stubborn and inflexible, especially if you feel you are right about something. Around 15% of people are side tuckers.

If you sleep on your side with your arms stretched out, you may be more stubborn and cynical, but also curious and open-minded. About 13% of sleepers are side stretchers.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers crash on their tummies with their faces planted into their pillows. Most stomach sleepers also hug their pillows. This group had the smallest amount of sleepers at 7%, but those who flatten out face- or cheek- first into the pillow are considered outgoing, daring, and adventurous, but they also worry a lot and constantly feel as if they are not able to get caught up on things.
Fetal Position

To my surprise, the most popular position by far at over 40% was the fetal position. Fetal sleepers are sensitive and emotional, but can have tough exterior shells. They are also courageous, organized and honest.

There are multiple variations of all of these sleeping positions and experts agree most people sleep in more than one position during the night. But consider that your go-to position for falling asleep may tell you more about your personality than you know.


So, by this point you may be asking, why in the world is Julie Moffett blogging about sleep on a mystery and romantic suspense blog?

The answer is easy. For you writers out there, the next time you write a character and you want to reveal a little bit more about your character, pick a sleep position that matches their characteristics. For readers, now you know what all the sleep positions can reveal about the inner nature of a character. For everyone else, does your sleep position match your personality?

For me ... well, I've been thinking a lot about sleep lately, because I haven't been getting much. Why? Because my next book NO STRINGS ATTACHED is releasing in less than a month (July 4) and I'm on deadline. By the way, I'm a stomach sleeper. How about you?


Maureen A. Miller said...

Very clever, Miss Julie. I loved this! I'm a side sleeper, but specifically a right-side sleeper, which they say isn't good on the heart because it's just hanging on for dear life all night. :)

Elise Warner said...

I guess I'm a three in one sleeper. On my back. Right side and cuddled in. Fetal Position. Never thought about the way my characters sleep. I join Maureen in loving your blog.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Interesting topic, Julie. I'm a side sleeper, and typically have to settle on my right side, but then end up rolling to my left side and hugging my pillow. Kind of the fetal position, I guess. :)

Rita said...

I've had a few sleep studies done and in my own research learned how much sleep position can show about a person. How it can change with your mental state and with different partners, Humans are a very complicated bunch.

jean harrington said...

I'm all over the place which makes me a delightful bed buddy. Or so I've been told. Interesting blog, Julie. Enjoyed it.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Fun blog, Julie! I refuse to share my sleep positions--you would learn way too much about me...

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