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Friday, November 6, 2015

Five Reasons You Need to Geek Out at a Local Renaissance Faire

Have you visited your local Renaissance Faire? I didn’t even know we had a local Ren Faire until a few years ago. I thought those were the kinds of things saved for large cities or much cooler places than rural Ohio. I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. When I started writing book one in my new series, A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder, I went on a research binge and it started with a Ren Faire. Turned out, we have two amazing Faire locations within driving distance of my home, and my family quickly became a set of goofy regulars. From my techy husband to my dragon slaying boys and tiny princess, the Lindseys love the Ren Faire! In case there are others out there who think Faires are out of reach: They aren’t, and you need to give one a try before the nice weather slips through your nerdy fingertips. Not convinced? How about a little encouragement:

1. There’s no judgement at the Ren Faire.

There’s only love at the Faire. Come as you are. Come as someone else. Come as an Ewok. It truly doesn’t matter. Big smiles and laughter are celebrated by all, and if you are having a hearty good time, feel free to announce it with a hearty Huzzah! Lots of love at the Faire. You know what else is in abundance there? Cleavage, but who doesn’t like that?

2. Cosplay.

I wasn’t even kidding about the Ewok. I’ve seen all sorts of cosplay at the Ren Faire. Some Faires even have themed days where patrons are encouraged to come in their pirate best, or gypsy glory. Check the schedule before you go and get into the fun 100%. I mean, why not? Tree faeries? Victorian elegance? Woodsmen? Yes. All yes. Get fancied up in your favorite garb and get your arse on down to the Faire for some delicious medieval grub. I seriously can’t go anywhere without furries anymore. Oy.

3. Food.

 Oh, the food. Excuse the drool on my keyboard. I can’t even with the food.

4. Entertainment.

Ren Faires are fantastic. Completely wonderful. Two wands up! There’s magic and comedy. Jousting and rides. Sure, the rides look a lot like swings with carved wooden faces and wagons with fire painted on the sides, but hey….rides! We always check the show times when we arrive and plan ahead so as not to miss anything at the Faire. The acrobats are a delight. The minstrels are lovely. The actors are perfection. I laugh until my eyes leak every time. I cannot emphasize the amount of wonderful entertainment. You simply must go. Truly.

5. Fun

Ren Faires are so much fun. They’re a great outing for the whole family, for all your friends, for everyone. Take a minute out of life, enjoy the reprieve, dress up, step out and just breathe. You won’t regret it and you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. If you need something new to do this fall, I hope you’ll find your local Ren Faire and give it a go. Old World Craft Faires are wonderful too. If the Ren Faires are gone for the season, try the Madrigal Crafte Faire!

Researching the local Faires for my Geek Girl Mysteries was the highlight of my summer, and I've got the local fall Faires on the family calendar. How about you? Are you a fan of the Faire?


Anne Marie Becker said...

I love the pictures! Looks like a fabulous time.

I haven't been to a Ren Faire in about twenty years, but really had a great time when I went. I've looked for one near me over the past couple years, certain the kids would enjoy it, but it's a couple hours' drive so we've not made the trek yet. Maybe 2016! :D

jean harrington said...

Haven't been to one, but it looks like fun. Have been to some recreations of the past though. Favorite is Williamsburg, Virginia. Five friends and I went a few years ago and had a fab girls weekend. Two highlands, among many, a 17th century concert in the governor's Palace, and a guided tour emphasizing what life was really like for a woman in Colonial times. We did have fun during and between all the history. Recommended!

Marcelle Dubé said...

Sounds like a blast, Julie Anne! Nothing like that anywhere where I live, but I'll keep my eyes open for one when I go down South.

Maureen A. Miller said...

I always wanted to go, Julie Anne! One day, I'll break down and do it. There is romantic suspense author, Shannon McKenna, who met a lute player at a Renaissance Faire. He didn't speak a word of English, but they 'communicated'. :) He went home to Italy, and a year later she gave up her job and flew to Italy in search of him. They've been married ever since. (sigh)

Cathy Perkins said...

What a fun post - love the pictures and descriptions!

Rita said...

Oh! Dear! The photos.....
I haven't been to a fair in years. Sounds like it would be a great group outing.
Maureen what a lovely story.

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