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Monday, August 10, 2015


For me, the word branding brings to mind the West - not of the Kanye variation - but of the herding and roping steers kind. (I am from Texas after all.) But Branding in our business isn't quite as painful. At least hopefully it isn't.

But how do we brand ourselves? Many of us get started with Publishers who brand us from the start which may (or may not - depending on your covers) give us a leg up in that department. (I'll admit I'm one of those people. Carina Press did a great job with my first 4 covers and I was very happy with them.) Branding is something I learned about as I got deeper into the process of writing. What's the tone of a book? What do the colors and covers tell you about the books or the author? There's so much that goes into the process of building a brand.

Now, why am I talking about branding? Because I wonder about the success of authors who RE-brand themselves. Do they do better or worse? Do sales pick up, do people who didn't pick up those author's books in the past, suddenly decided they want to give them a try because of a new look or cover? I'm really asking these questions because I certainly don't have an answer.

Take for instance a series that's successful on it's own? Do you think it's beneficial for a publisher or an author to rebrand a series that's been selling? I always wonder what the point of that is.

Anyway... the discussion of branding leads me to my announcement of the release in the last book in the Adrenaline Highs series. October 6, 2015 is the big day. Always Dangerous will come out exactly 4 years, 1 month and 1 day after the release of the first book, Dangerous Race.

Without any further ado, here is the cover (and blurb) for Always Dangerous. 

Leo Frost has lost his house, his car and possibly his acting career. Releasing an independent film is his only hope of paying for his sister’s twenty-four/seven care, but he’s got to finish it first. The last thing he needs is a curveball from the one woman who could break his focus with a look, a smile and the most unexpected news of his life. 

Kim Jacobs wants it all—a career in a big city, a husband and a family, but a tryst two months ago with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars leaves her pregnant. Knowing Leo doesn’t want kids or a wife, Kim decides to make her own happily-ever-after with the help of a recent inheritance. All that’s left is to tell the man and move on.  

Kim’s short visit to L.A. turns deadly with a series of mysterious attempts on her life. Suddenly Leo not only has to save his career, he has to find out who’s trying to murder the lady who is stealing his heart. As an actor, danger was staged and nothing was at stake, but now the threats are all too real. If Leo wants a future and a family with Kim, he has to prove he can do more than play a hero onscreen, he has to be one in real life.

I'm curious to know... are you the type of reader that waits until all the books in a series are out before you buy the first? I'm not. I snatch up new books in a series as soon as they come out. I can't wait to read them. But I've been surprised over the years to talk to people who won't start a book in a series unless they know all the books are done. Which one are you?

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Anne Marie Becker said...

Hooray for the new release! I've always loved your covers, and they definitely create a brand for you. Carina did the same for me with my covers, and I'm forever grateful.

And hey, does that mean your first book released on Sept. 5, 2011? That was the release date of my first book, too! (Back when I didn't know you or other Carina authors very well.) I seem to remember that was a "romantic suspense week." :)

Marcelle Dubé said...

Congrats on the new release, Dee J.! Great premise. I never set out to read series. I always stumble into them, and so I pick each book up as I go along. Not by plan, you understand.

Rita said...

Congrats on the release Dee. I've waited on a couple of series. The Hunger Games and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because I KNEW they were trilogies and that was that. On going series? No I wouldn't wait.

jean harrington said...

I'm with Rita on this question. I usually stumble across a book I like and read it, then discover it's part of an ongoing series. No pattern there for me!

Dee J. said...

Hi Anne Marie,
Yes, we both have had wonderful covers! And yes again, we were release mates on "romantic suspense week." The good old days. Haha!

Hi Marcelle,
Thanks! I'm the same way. Always manage to stumble on book #2 or #3 and have to start from the beginning. Usually very worth it. :)

Hi Rita,
Yes! I hear ya. Although I didn't catch on to the Hunger Games until they were all released, but that was accidental.

Hi Jean,
Yes, I think that's why it's important for series books to stand alone... because people definitely stumble onto books! Thanks for stopping in!

Susan J Berger said...

It's easier if each series books stands on its own, but I prefer to start with book one and then read on. Doing that right now with Beverly Jenkins' Blessing books. Your new premise sounds wonderful! Congratulations.

Dee J. said...

Hi Sue,
Me too... I like to start at the top and work way down in order. It's more that way. But I don't mind if I find a great book and discover it's part of series. Just means more great books to read. Thanks for dropping in!

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